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Sep 11, 2007 at 06:42 PM

Portal connection to multiple backend BW app servers.


When our portal was installed (java stack intended for Integrated Planning with ABAP BW system) the BW system only had a Central Instance. Since then an application server has been added on the BW side. However, Integrated Planning only works from the CI because that is what the Portal JCo's are configured against. so it cannot connect with the new app server. Integrated Planning (via RSPLAN) from the app server will fail as the connection will now work. This is causing some issues with users logging into BW. If they want to do integrated planning, they must be on the Central Instance, not the app server. For one thing, this defeats the purposes of load balancing if everyone logs onto the CI. The question is can the portal be configured to connect to an additional server for the same BW system. I'm not seeing any options in the JCo's for multiple servers for the same system. Any pointers or feedback would be greatly appreciated.