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Sep 11, 2007 at 06:14 PM

Method for Activity Price Calculation



We are trying to calculate the Activity Price by first using LTP to get the activity hours, and then use KSPP to push them to CO.

1. Is that the best methodology to calculate the Activity Price? or is there a better alternative?

2. In LTP when we run MRP for the relevant planning scenario, the MRP list is created even for those material which do not have any Planned Independent Requirements. However if we only add selected materials to the planning file that Problem is solved. But it is a tedious process, is there a better way to avoid the non-relevant materials from being planned?

3. After pushing the activity hours to CO via KSPP we are trying to reconcile the activity hours via cost estimates via CK11N. But there are discrepancies between them, even though we are using the same lot size and the same Recipe. What could be the problem?

I will greatly appreciate your input.