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Sep 11, 2007 at 01:11 PM

FI validations Warning msgs to be popped up for a field- asset value date .


Hi ,

I want warning msgs to be popped up for a field- asset value date if it is greater than the current date(SY-DATUM). The field name and data element is BZDAT used in transaction ABAON.

So I followed the following steps-

In transaction code OAZ1. This allows validations to be defined for asset postings.

1. click on "Validation" button to drill down to validation editor. Us Create validation button to create a validation (give it Z.. name) and then Create step button to create step in the validation. Fill in required check in the "Check" part of the step (ANEK-BZDAT >= SYST-DATUM), and error message number / fields in the "Message" part. Can also add pre-requisite checks if needed such as SY-TCODE = 'ABAON" etc. Check and Save validation. To Add validation to transport request - need to use menu option Validation-->Transport. It is not automatically put in a transport.

2. return to original OAZ1 screen and add new validation (Z.. name) to relevent transaction groups for ABAON, set active flag and save.

But I was successful in generating warning messages for following transactions only-

These trnsctns create new assets and post asset values.

Trnscn code- Trnsctn type- Trnscn type group

ABZON - 100/110 - 10

ABAON - 210 - 20

ABAVN - 200 - 20

ABUMN - 300 - 30

For following transactions it failed-

These trnsns post values for existing assets ( does not create new asset).

Trnscn code - Trnsctn type- Trnscn type group

ABZE - Z10(Tax only assets)- 10

ABZU - 700-742 - 70-73

ABZP - 153 - 19

I want warning messages to be popped up for above transactions also.What is the problem with these transactions? Please suggest.


Juhi Kulshreshtha