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MDG-M: Derive entity is triggering but check entity not triggering in MDGM

Hello Gurus,

I have written logic both in derive as well as check entity. Given all the filter values correctly. In debugging i can check derive entity triggering correctly (cross entity too) but check entity is not getting triggered. all checkbox ticked in MDGIMG. I have written rules for check entity. They are also not triggering.

Could you please help me where I did wrong.



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  • Hi Raj,
    Even i'm facing same issue.

    I have implemented usmd_rule_service for MARAPURCH entity,but this entity is not triggering unless anything is changed in it and no validations are triggering.

    Could you please tell me how to solve this.

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1 Answer

  • Aug 30, 2017 at 02:23 AM

    Hello Raj,

    I assume you are implementing Rule service BADI (not BRFplus rules). Please consider the following points related to Rule service BADI.

    1. Mark the "BADI Validation" as Relevant for the CR Type for all the required steps in "Configure Properties of CR Step".

    2. When the CR is launched, the "CHECK_ENTITY" method will not get triggered. "Derive_ENTITY" method in rule service and Cross Entity badi will be triggered.

    3. When the CR is submitted, CHECK_ENTITY will get triggered. Derive entity will be triggered if data is changed for any entity.


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    • Hi Saravanan,

      Sorry for late reply. Actually check entity is triggering now but only for material main entity and the entity where I did any changes. I am unable to check plant is initial or not when the user check or submit the change request. I debugged and found that the MARCBASIC is not trigerring in Check_p method atall. Added the filter correctly.

      Many Thanks!!!