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Sep 11, 2007 at 12:12 PM

Caculating page wise sub totals and totals



I am working on an ADOBE form, where i need to calculate subtotals and grand totals for the invoice lines displayed.

I achieved the functionality in the smartforms by defining a different window under the main window(this contains line amounts). For the new window where the subtotal is expected to print i triggerred the event 'Before the end of main window' to print the totals before the lines flow to the next page by auto page break in the main window.

I tried in the forms putting different content area(other than the main content area where table lines are printed) for the subtotals in the layout designer and manipulated using all the pagination options avialable in the table properties, but in vain.

What exatly is the equivalent for the event 'Before the end of main window' as that of smart forms.

Any inputs on this?