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Sep 11, 2007 at 11:42 AM

Internal table in Smartforms



I know there are lots of similar topics on these forums, however non of them can help me.Here is what I have

In Global Definitions->Types

types:begin of t_absence,

begda type begda,

endda type endda,

awart type awart,

lgart type lgart,

abznr type abznr,

stdaz type stdaz,


betrg type betrg,

END OF t_absence.

In GlobalDefinitions->Global Data

it_absence type table of t_absence with key begda endda with header line.

Later in Smarform 'Code' I put some rows in it_absence and then try to read some.

The error I get is '"IT_ABSENCE" is neither specified under "TABLES" nor is it defined as an internal table"

I fill it_absence in smartform and want to read it form here.

If I wanted to provide it as arg for TABLES I would have create a driver progra, wouldn't I? Unfortunately as I call FM Name for this smartform I have to provide some arguments which I dont know where to take from (originaly it was developed by someone else).

How can I manage with this?