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Sep 11, 2007 at 08:47 AM

Hostname in value mapping replication



I used ABAP Proxy to replicate value mappings but in monitoring of XI it is giving error as "<b>HTTP response contains status code 401 with the description Unauthorized Error while sending by HTTP (error code: 401, error text: Unauthorized)</b>"

I am using the user similar to XIAPPLUSER as the user

(actually i had created another user of similar role as XIAPPLUSER since we missed out password of XIAPPLUSER) and trying to connect to hostname of XI server and J2EE port.

I tried with xisuper and basis users but still the same problem.

When i use these users from the browser (http://<hostname>:<port>/MessagingSystem/receive/JPR/XI) it works ok which means messaging servlet is ok.

Please make sure the user and the hostname or the port number. I am using the hostname and port number of the J2EE system i.e. one we use to launch Integration Builder (SXMB_IFR).

Thanks in advance.