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Issue with the header of table.. header is not executing at the start of table loop

Aug 28, 2017 at 01:24 PM


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Hi All,

Here i have a situation where I am fetching the customer data from kna1 and storing it in an internal table. Now each customer no. i am passing it into bsid and based on that i am getting multiple datas related to each customer. Now I want to display the same in smartform. So i am using a table for kna1 table and inside the table i am using a loop for displaying the multiple bsid details for each customer. Now My requirement is in each page i want customer data and below that i want the bsid details. But in the first page the header will be empty and from next page the header will be appearing. Like for ex: customer 1 details will appear from page 2 and if the customer changes then also its reflecting in the next page not on the same page. So the customer and its details are getting mismatched at the start page only. I am giving the header details inside the header and bsid details inside the main area.

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Gagan Narendra Aug 29, 2017 at 07:24 AM

Hi Guys,

I got the solution.

Instead of using the loop inside the table. Just reverse it. Use table inside loop and you will get the header in every page with perfect data.

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Richard Harper Aug 28, 2017 at 07:24 PM

first. Name your nodes properly. Do use the defaults. Secondly show the complete header structure. You are looping into a global work area? What is I the cells for the row?

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In the main table I have KNA1 table details and in the loop I am looping BSID table details passing kna1-kunnr to bsid-kunnr details. So now my requirement is customer number as you can see should appear in each page, which is when the bsid details exceed more than one page in the next page header should appear with the details. In Kna1 table if there is only single customer i can achieve this but if there are multiple customers, at start of the loop header is not showing the correct customer code.