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SAP HANA PAL Scriptserver Problems

Aug 28, 2017 at 01:08 PM


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I got a Problem while running an Procedure which i had created following the Steps of this Video (from the SAP HANA Academy):

If I run the Procedure to create the Model only there is no Problem but when it should also Predict Values in an other Table the Scriptserver is going to restart and that for the SQL Statement break.

If i look as the SYSTEM User at the Landscape of the Tenant Database I get the following Error while i make the Statemant:

I can see the Scriptserver running at the VM and i got no other Process running on that port locally (tested with telnet 39043). I gave the VM some more RAM (arround 500MB more), but this didnt work.

With an SELECT Statement on M_MERGET_TRACES i got some Entries which come up when i start the Procedure.

Does somebody have an advise how this problem can be solved?

I use SAP HANA Studio as Frontend and VMWare from Oracle to run the System.

hanaerror2.png (7.4 kB)
hanaerror.png (14.3 kB)
hanaerror4.png (75.1 kB)
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Aug 31, 2017 at 08:56 AM

Hi Ralf,

For the future please include the error messages as text. This enable users to find your question using the search.

Based on the screenshot I can see that you are trying to use the AutoARIMA PAL functions.

Here are a few items you will need clarify for us:

- Can you share the script you are running or point out where you got it?

- Are you using the data provided by the SAP HANA Academy?

- Have you tried to submit your problem to the SAP HANA Academy folks on their Youtube channel using the comment section?



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Hello Abdel,

thanks for your replie. I just posted the question on the SAP HANA Academy Channel now, thanks for that advice. Yes I use the data from the SAP HANA Academy and the script was generated. At the moment i dont have access to my Express Version but i will post the Script later today.