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can any one know about ware house management

hi gurus

what is warehouse management it will come sd or separte modul e. OR as a sap sd consultnat one should work on that or no please let me clear this

thanks in advance

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4 Answers

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    Sep 11, 2007 at 06:53 AM


    It is a part of Materials Mangement, and it can be treated seperately also. It we activate ware house management in the structure, the stock has to be placed in the bin, while doing the delivery, atransfer order needs to be created and after confirmation of the transfer order, the pick quantity will be updated. Then we can do the PGI.


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    Sep 11, 2007 at 06:55 AM


    WM is related to MM.

    The <b>ware house activities</b> are like

    Warehouse management in SAP R/3.

    Warehouse management master data.

    Creating storage bins.

    Material master views.

    Stock placement/removal.

    Transfer requirements.

    <b>Stock Movements</b>

    External goods receipt.

    Goods movements for production.

    Confirming transfer orders.

    Goods issues for sales orders.

    Picking for a delivery.

    Manual WM procedures.

    Creating transfer requirements.

    Transferring stock.

    <b>Inventory Management in Warehouse Management</b>

    Inventory procedure.

    Continuous and annual inventory.

    Carrying out a continuous inventory.

    Carrying out an annual inventory.

    Creating and printing inventory records.

    Entering count results.

    Completing an inventory.

    <b>Warehouse Stock Keeping</b>

    Storage unit management.

    Stock placement.

    Storage unit stock.

    Stock removal.

    Warehouse controlling.

    Standard analyses.

    Flexible analyses.

    Goods receiving with warehouse stock keeping.

    Goods receiving via an identification.

    Release from bin with stock keeping unit.

    Release from bin via a picking indicator warehouse controlling.

    Inventory controlling displays and standard analysis.

    Inventory controlling and flexible analysis.

    These all are the activities in Warehouse.It comes under MM.


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    Sep 11, 2007 at 07:28 AM


    Warehouse management is actually a process of supply chain management.

    An SD Consultant is not directly involved with the concept ie for configuration. but should have the clear understanding of the warehouse management concept.. it is a very important concept of any business process..

    warehouse managemnt integrates with SD, MM, QM, PP, modules. for which u need to understand the concept in a clear way.. ofcourse u dont really need to have work experience of warehouse mangement ...

    Warehouse Management

    Picking with Warehouse Management

    Physical Inventory with warehouse Management

    Bin Management

    bins are nothing but the allococation of places where material is kept in the warehouse.

    Basic Stock Management

    Reward if Useful

    Thanx & regards


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    Sep 11, 2007 at 07:46 AM

    Dear nag nageshwar,

    SAP WMS - Decentralized Warehouse Management System Integration Setup

    You can operate the SAP Warehouse Management System (WMS) as a stand-alone decentralized system that is independent of a central Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System.

    You make the necessary settings for the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system within the WMS component (Warehouse Management System).

    The steps are set up as a checklist and guide you through the process of configuring the system parameters.

    Checklist (For those with the Table Views used transaction code SM30).

    1. Customizing for "Enterprise Structure"

    - Create storage location in OX09 (if necessary).

    - Define warehouse number in Views V_T3001.

    (you should not copy the warehouse number in the ERP system)

    Activities within a warehouse, like goods movements and physical inventory, are assigned to a specific

    warehouse number.

    The physical warehouse where these activities take place is identified by the warehouse number.

    - Assign plant/storage location to warehouse number in Views V_T320.

    (Valid if the component MM-IM (Inventory Management) is implemented.)

    Fields : Plant + Sloc + WhN

    2. Customizing for "Decentralized WMS integration", section "Central processing" -> Application

    - Activate decentralized WMS in Views V_T340DM.

    - Define interface to Inventory Management in Views :-

    V_156S_WM - Assign WM movement type references to IM movement types

    V_T3211 - Delivery-Relevant Parameters for Reference Movement Type

    V_T340DL - Delivery-Relevant Data for Warehouse Number

    - Exclude stock in decentralized WMS in Views V_T321B

    (if the decentralized WMS is not an SAP R/3 system)

    - Finally do a consistency check for decentralised WMS in transaction OL20.

    3. Customizing for "Application Link Enabling (ALE)", section "Basis Components"

    Maintaining Logical Systems in Views V_TBDLS.

    Assign logical system to client in Views T000.

    4. Make basic settings for RFC in transaction BD97.(if necessary)

    5. Customizing for "Application Link Enabling (ALE)", section "Maintain Distribution Model"

    You can define the Reduce message types and Activate message types in transaction BD53.

    SAP recommends that you use message types :

    "MATMAS" (material master tables) and

    "DEBMAS" (customer master) as a template.

    Be aware that only those fields that are absolutely necessary are transferred from the master data tables in

    the ERP system to the decentralized WMS.

    6. Customizing for "Decentralized WMS integration", section "Central processing" -> Distribution

    Use transaction OL19 to generate distribution model. As far as the application is concerned, when the model

    is generated, application-specific Customizing parameters are modified or set (for example, activate

    decentralized WMS).

    Display or check distribution model

    Generate partner profile in transaction BD82.

    (you can also perform this activity using ALE Customizing)

    Distribute distribution model in transaction BD64 (model view) using menu item "Edit"

    If both the ERP system and the decentralized WMS are SAP R/3 systems, the distribution model should be

    distributed on a central basis only, that is, via the ERP system.

    7. Customizing for "Application Link Enabling (ALE)", section "Maintain Distribution Model" (transaction BD64)

    Activate the change pointers for master data distribution using transactin BD61.

    If necessary, reduce the message types concerned with transaction BD53.

    8. Customizing for

    "Logistics - General" - "Material Master" - "Tools" - "Data Transfer : Material Master" -

    -> "Define required-field check for ALE/Direct Input" (Views V_T130S)

    Define whether an error message should be generated in the receiving system for required fields

    from the material master.

    A small search on SDN SD forum will help you to answer your query.

    I will suggest you to visit It will give you the overview of SAP SD module.

    Moreover there is a separate section of FAQs with answers which will help you in great deal.

    Hope this helps you.

    Do award points if you found them useful.



    P.S. you can send me a mail at my mail id for any specific details

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