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SD - Transaction Codes

hi Naren,

can you pls give me the importance of transaction codes, how can we find out the Transaction Code for a particular screen, and also please do mention some of the important Transaction Codes for SD which are useful for the new user

thanks, Swapna.

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    Sep 11, 2007 at 06:38 AM

    Hi swapna..


    A small request for u. nxt time when u post a query pls do not mention any members name, that way u will miss out useful answers from other members of the forum..

    <b>** I also request other Fellow Members pls do ignore my name and do Contribute ur valuable suggestions to this post. **</b>


    Transaction Code : is used to Navigate to a transaction screen the user wishes to go to in R/3 without using the User Menu. These codes can be entered in the Command field on R/3 screens.

    Tcode – Tcode entered at command field on easy access screen will take to the required Transaction Screen

    \nTcode – is used to go to a New Transaction Screen closing the current screen working on.

    \oTcode – used to open the Transaction Screen desired in a New Window keeping the current screen working on open.

    Finding out the TCode: goto <b>System</b> in the menu of the screen ur working on > select <b>Status</b> .. u can get all the info abt the screen and can also get the Tcode by clicking on the right side bottom status bar of the screen where client name is mentioned..

    Refer to the link below for a clear understanding with a screen shot..

    Below are some of the important T-codes list for SD

    V Quickstart RKCOWUSL

    V.00 List of Incomplete Documents

    V.07 Periodic billing

    V.14 Sales Orders Blocked for Delivery

    V.15 Display Backorders

    V.21 Log of Collective Run

    V.22 Display Collective Runs

    V.23 Release Orders for Billing

    V.25 Release Customer Expected Price

    V.26 Selection by Object Status

    V+01 Create Sales Call

    V+02 Create Telephone Call

    V+03 Create Sales Letter

    V+11 Create Direct Mailing

    V+21 Create Sales Prospect

    V+22 Create Competitor

    V+23 Create Business Partner

    V-01 Create Sales Order

    V-02 Create Quotation

    V-03 Create ordering party (Sales)

    V-04 Create invoice recipient (Sales)

    V-05 Create payer (Sales)

    V-06 Create consignee (Sales)

    V-07 Create one-time customer (Sales)

    V-08 Create payer (Centrally)

    V-09 Create ordering party (Centrally)

    V-11 Create carrier

    V-31 Create Freight 1

    V-32 Create Freight 1 with Reference

    V-33 Change Freight 1

    V-34 Create Freight 1

    V-35 Create Freight 1

    V-36 Create Freight 1 with Reference

    V-37 Change Freight 2

    V-38 Display Freight 2

    V-40 Display Taxes (Export)

    V-41 Create Material Price

    V-42 Create Material Price w/ref.

    V-43 Change Material Price

    V-44 Display Material Price

    V-45 Create Price List

    V-46 Create Price List w/ref.

    V-47 Change Price List

    V-48 Display Price List

    V-49 Create Customer-Specific Price

    V-50 Create Customer-spec. Price w/ref.

    V-51 Change Cust.price

    V-52 Display Cust.price

    V-61 Create Cust.disc./surcharge

    V-62 Create Customer Disc/Surch. w/ref

    V-63 Change Cust.Disc/Surcharge

    V-64 Display Cust.Disc/Surcharge

    V-65 Create Mat.Disc/Surcharge

    V-66 Create w/ref.Material Disc/Surcharg

    V-67 Change Mat.Disc/Surcharge

    V-68 Display Mat.Disc/Surcharge

    V-69 Create Price grp Disc/Surch

    V-70 Create w/ref.Price Group Disc/Surch

    V-71 Change Price grp Disc/Surch

    V-72 Display Price grp Disc/Surch

    V-73 Create Disc/Surc

    V-74 Create w/ Disc/Surch

    V-75 Change Disc/Surc

    V-76 Display Disc/Surc

    V-77 Create Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/S

    V-78 Create w/ref.Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/Sur

    V-79 Change Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/S

    V-80 Display Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/S

    V-81 Create Cust/mat.Disc/Surch.

    V-82 Create w/ref.Cust/Mat.Disc/Surcharg

    V-83 Change Cust/mat.Disc/Surch.

    V-84 Display Cust/mat.Disc/Surch.

    V-85 Create PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Sur

    V-86 Create w/ref.PrGrp/MatPrGrp Disc/Su

    V-87 Change PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Sur

    V-88 Display PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Sur

    V-89 Create PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Sur

    V-90 Create w/ref.PrGrp/Mat Disc/Surch.

    V-91 Change PGrp/mat Disc/Surch.

    V-92 Display PGrp/mat.Disc/Surch.

    V-93 Create Domestic Taxes

    V-94 Create Domestic Taxes w/Reference

    V-95 Change Domestic Taxes

    V-96 Display Domestic Taxes

    V-97 Create Cross-border Taxes

    V-98 Create Cross-border Taxes

    V-99 Change Cross-border Taxes

    V/C7 CondTable: Create (Batches; SD)

    V/C8 CondTable: Change (Batch; SD)

    V/C9 CondTable: Display (Batches; SD)

    V/G1 Output CondTab/Create Group

    V/G2 Output CondTab Change Group

    V/G3 Output CondTab/Display Group

    V/I2 Set up condition indices

    V/I3 Conditions: Pricing SD - Index

    V/I4 Conditions: Pricing SD - Index

    V/LA Create Pricing Report

    V/LB Change Pricing Report

    V/LC Display Pricing Report

    V/LD Execute pricing report

    V/LE Generate pricing reports

    V/N2 Create free goods table

    V/N3 Display free goods table (SD)

    V/03 Create Condition Table (SD Price)

    V/04 Change Condition Table (Sales pr.)

    V/05 Display Condition Table: (Sales Pr.

    V/12 Account Determination: Create Table

    V/13 Account Determination: Change Table

    V/14 Account Determination: Display Tabl

    V/56 Output: Cond.Table - Create Orders

    V/57 Output - Cond.Table - Change Order

    V/58 Output - Cond.Table - Display Order

    V/59 Output - Cond.Table - Create Dlv.

    V/60 Output - Cond.Table - Change Dlv.

    V/61 Output - Cond.Table - Display Dlv.

    V/62 Output - Cond.Table - Create BillDo

    V/63 Output - Cond.Table - Change BillDo

    V/64 Output - Cond.Table - Display BillD

    V/65 Output CondTable/Create SalesSuppor

    V/66 Output CondTab./Change Sales Suppor

    V/67 Output CondTab/Display Sales Suppor

    V/77 Output ConditTable Create Transpr

    V/78 Output CondTable Change Transport

    V/79 Output CondTable Display Transpor

    V/93 Output CondTable Create Packaging

    V/94 Output CondTable Change Packaging

    V/95 Output CondTable Display Packagin

    V_I8 Conditions: Pricing SD - Index

    V_NL Edit net price list

    V_RA Backorder Processing: Selection Lis

    V_R1 List of Backorders

    V_R2 Display List of Backorders

    V_SA Collective Proc. Analysis (Deliv.)

    V_UC Incomplete SD Documents

    V_UC_7 Incomplete SD Documents

    V_V1 Updating Unconfirmed Sales Document

    V_V2 Updating Sales Documents by Materia

    VACF Commit. carried forwrd: Sales order

    VAKC Items in Sales Order Configuration

    VAKP Configuration: Maintain T180

    VALU Valuation Analysis

    VAM4 Merge: Japan - Commodity Code

    VAN1 Actual Reval.: Sales Order

    VAP1 Create Contact Person

    VAP2 Change Contact Person

    VAP3 Display Contact Person

    VARC SD: User Guide to Archiving

    VARCH Change report variant

    VARD Display report variant

    VASK Deleting Groups

    VA00 Initial Sales Menu

    VA01 Create Sales Order

    VA02 Change Sales Order

    VA03 Display Sales Order

    VA05 List of Sales Orders

    VA07 Compare Sales - Purchasing (Order)

    VA08 Compare Sales - Purchasing (Org.Dt.

    VA11 Create Inquiry

    VA12 Change Inquiry

    VA13 Display Inquiry

    VA14L Sales Documents Blocked for Deliver

    VA15 Inquiries List

    VA21 Create Quotation

    VA22 Change Quotation

    VA23 Display Quotation

    VA25 Quotations List

    VA26 Collective Processing for Quotation

    VA31 Create Scheduling Agreement

    VA32 Change Scheduling Agreement

    VA33 Display Scheduling Agreement

    VA35 List of Scheduling Agreements

    VA41 Create Contract

    VA42 Change Contract

    VA42W Workflow for master contract

    VA43 Display Contract

    VA44 Actual Overhead: Sales Order

    VA45 List of Contracts

    VA46 Coll.Subseq.Processing f.Contracts

    VA51 Create Item Proposal

    VA52 Change Item Proposal

    VA53 Display Item Proposal

    VA55 List of Item Proposals

    VA88 Actual Settlement: Sales Orders

    VA94 Load Commodity Codes for Japan

    VA94X Load Commodity Codes for Japan

    VA95 Merge Commodity Code/Import Code No

    VB(D Rebate Agreement Settlement

    VB(1 Rebate number ranges

    VB(7 Rebate Agreement Settlement

    VB(8 List Rebate Agreements

    VBG1 Create Material Grouping

    VBG2 Change Material Grouping

    VBG3 Display Material Grouping

    VBKB Bonus Buy: Create Condition Table

    VBKC Bonus Buy: Display Condition Table

    VBK0 Bonus Buy Selection

    VBK1 Create Bonus Buy

    VBK2 Change Bonus Buy

    VBK3 Display Bonus Buy

    VBK6 Delete Bonus Buy

    VBN1 Free goods - Create (SD)

    VBN2 Free goods - Change (SD)

    VBN3 Free goods - Display (SD)

    VBOE Currency conversion rebate agreemnt

    VBOF Rebate: Update Billing Documents

    VBO1 Create Rebate Agreement

    VBO2 Change Rebate Agreement

    VBO3 Display Rebate Agreement

    VB01 Create Material Listing/Exclusion

    VB02 Change Material Listing/Exclusion

    VB03 Display Material Listing/Exclusion

    VB04 Reference Material Listing/Exclusio

    VB11 Create Material Substitution

    VB12 Change Material Substitution

    VB13 Display Material Substitution

    VB14 Reference Material Substitution

    VB21 Create Sales Deal

    VB22 Change Sales Deal

    VB23 Display Sales Promotion

    VB25 List of Sales Deals

    VB31 Create Promotion

    VB32 Change Promotion

    VB33 Display Promotion

    VB35 Promotions List

    VB41 Create cross-selling

    VB42 Change cross-selling

    VB43 Display cross-selling

    VB44 Copy cross-selling

    VC/A Sales Activity Description 01

    VC/B Sales Activity Description 02

    VC/C Sales Activity Description 03

    VC/D Sales Activity Description 04

    VC/E Sales Activity Description 05

    VC/F Sales Activity Description 06

    VC/G Sales Activity Description 07

    VC/H Sales Activity Description 08

    VC/I Sales Activity Description 09

    VC/J Sales Activity Description 10

    VC/1 List of Customers

    VC/2 Customer Master Data Sheet

    VCC1 Payment Cards: Worklist

    VCH1 Create Batch Search Strategy

    VCH2 Change Batch Search Strategy

    VCH3 Display Batch Search Strategy

    VCR1 Competitive products

    VCUAC Display Anti-dumping - Qty-dependen

    VCUAE Display Anti-dumping - Weight-depen

    VCUDC Display 3rd Country - Qty-dependent

    VCUDE Display 3rd Country - Weight-depend

    VCUPC Display Pharma.Prod. - Qty-dependen

    VCUPF Display Pharma.Prod. - Weight-depen

    VCUP1 Display Preference - Qty-dependent

    VCUP2 Display Preference - Weight-depend.

    VCUZC Display Quota - Quantity-dependent

    VCUZE Display Quota - Weight-dependent

    VCUZP Display Ceilings - Percentage

    VCUZ1 Display Ceiling - Quantity-dependen

    VCUZ2 Display Ceiling - Weight-dependent

    VC00 Sales Support

    VC01 Create Sales Activity

    VC01N Edit Sales Activity

    VC02 Change Sales Activity

    VC03 Display Sales Activity

    VC05 Sales support monitor

    VC06 Parallel Processing for Address Lis

    VC15 Crossmatching

    VDDI EMU currency conversion cust. maste

    VDH1 Customer Hierarchy Maintenance (SD)

    VDH1N Display/Maintain Customer Hierarchy

    VDH2 Display Customer Hierarchy

    VDH2N Display customer hierarchy

    VD01 Create Customer (Sales)

    VD02 Change Customer (Sales)

    VD03 Display Customer (Sales)

    VD04 Customer Changes (SD)

    VD05 Block customer (sales)

    VD06 Mark customer for deletion (sales)

    VD07 Ref. doc. det. for ref. customer

    VD51 Maintain Customer-Material Info

    VD52 Maintain Cust-Mat.Info w/Select.Scr

    VD53 Display Customer-Material Info

    VD54 Display Customer-Material Info

    VD59 List customer-material-info

    VEA3 EXTRASTAT: File Version France

    VEA4 EXTRASTAT: File Version France

    VEA5 EXTRASTAT: File Version France

    VEB1 Period-end Closings: Control

    VEB2 DtA: Special Rule Countries/Regions

    VEB5 Calculate Assemblies Individually

    VEB6 Calculate Assemblies Collectively

    VEB9 Customer Exits: Print Control

    VECN Profitability and Sales Accounting

    VEFU Foreign Trade: Add INTRASTAT Data

    VEFUX FT-GOV: Change transaction INTRASTA







    VEIV Foreign Trade: Add EXTRASTAT Data






    VEI1 Display IDoc Import

    VEI2 Display IDoc Export

    VEI3 Display Stat.Value - Subcontracting

    VEI4 Merge: Remaining Commodity Codes

    VEI5 Create value limit subcontracting

    VEI6 EDI: IDoc List - Import Basis




    VEKU For. Trade: Change KOBRA Documents

    VEM4 Merge: EU - Commodity Code

    VEPR Customs log

    VEU4 Load Commodity Code-Other Countries

    VEU4X Load Commodity Code-Other Countries

    VEXU Foreign Trade: Add EXTRASTAT Data

    VEXUX FT-GOV: Change transaction EXTRASTA

    VE01 INTRASTAT: Selection Dispatch to EU

    VE02 INTRASTAT: Create Form - Germany

    VE03 INTRASTAT: Create File - Germany

    VE04 EXTRASTAT: Data selection for expor

    VE05 EXTRASTAT: Create File - Germany

    VE06 INTRASTAT: Paper Form - Belgien

    VE07 Create INTRASTAT Form for France

    VE08 Create INTRASTAT File for Italy

    VE09 Create INTRASTAT file for Belgium

    VE10 Create INTRASTAT file for Holland

    VE11 Create INTRASTAT file for Spain

    VE12 Create INTRASTAT form for Holland

    VE13 KOBRA data selection: export German

    VE14 Create KOBRA file for Germany

    VE15 Create disk - INTRA/EXTRA/KOBRA/VAR

    VE16 Create INTRASTAT form for Austria

    VE17 Create INTRASTAT form for Sweden

    VE18 SED data selection for USA exporter

    VE19 Create SED form for USA

    VE20 Create AERP file for USA

    VE21 VAR: Selection of bill. docs Switz.

    VE22 Create VAR form for Switzerland

    VE23 V.A.R.: File - Switzerland

    VE24 Comm. Code Number Information (old

    VE24X Commodity Code Information

    VE25 SED: Selection: USA Carriers

    VE27 HMF: Selection - USA

    VE29 Assigned Documents for Each License

    VE30 Existing licenses

    VE31 Blocked SD Documents

    VE32 INTRASTAT: Paper Form - Ireland

    VE33 INTRASTAT: Paper Form - U.K.

    VE34 INTRASTAT: Paper Form - Belgien

    VE37 INTRASTAT: File - France

    VE38 INTRASTAT: Selection Simulation - E

    VE39 EXTRASTAT: Selection Simulation

    VE40 KOBRA: Selection Simulation

    VE41 VAR: Selection of bill. docs Switz.

    VE42 INTRASTAT: File - Denmark

    VE43 SED: Selection Exp. USA Simulation

    VE44 SED: Select Carrier USA Simulation

    VE45 INTRASTAT: Paper Form - Greece

    VE46 INTRASTAT: File - Finland

    VE54 Preference Determination: Collectiv

    VE55 Preference Determination: Individua

    VE56 Check Export Control for Consistenc

    VE67 Aggregate Vendor Declarations

    VE68 Request Vendor Declarations

    VE72 Export - Billing Documents

    VE73 Goods Catalog: Create Document

    VE74 Goods Catalog: Create Diskette

    VE81 Check Report: General FT Data

    VE81X Incompleteness: FT Material Data

    VE82 Check Report: Export Control Data

    VE82X Incompleteness: Export Control Data

    VE83 Check Report: Preference Data

    VE83X Incompleteness: Preference Material

    VE84 Monitoring: Purchasing Info Records

    VE85 Change Statistical Value - Import

    VE86 Display Statistical Value - Import

    VE87 Change Stat.Value - Subcontracting

    VE88 Change Statistical Value - Export

    VE89 Display Statistical Value - Export

    VE90 Change preference values

    VE91 Display Preference Values

    VE92 Create INTRASTAT tape Luxembourg

    VE93 EDI-CUSTEC Austria

    VE94 Load Commodity Code for EU Countrie

    VE94X Load Commodity Code for EU Countrie

    VE95 Create INTRASTAT papers: Portugal

    VE96 EXTRASTAT Data Select.: Init. Scree

    VE97 Create EXTRASTAT tape: Netherlands

    VE98 Sales Invoice Values per Period

    VE99 Create Document - Austria

    VFAE Archive EXTRASTAT Documents

    VFAI Archive INTRASTAT Documents

    VFBS Next screen control

    VFBV Reorganization of discount-rel. dat

    VFLI Log tax exemption

    VFRB Retro-billing

    VFSN Reorganization info structure S060

    VFS3 Adjusting info structure S060

    VFX2 Display Blocked Billing Documents

    VFX3 List Blocked Billing Documents

    VF00 9Sales organization & is not define

    VF01 Create Billing Document

    VF02 Change Billing Document

    VF03 Display Billing Document

    VF04 Maintain Billing Due List

    VF05 List Billing Documents

    VF06 Batch billing

    VF07 Display bill. document from archive

    VF08 Billing for ext. delivery

    VF11 Cancel Billing Document

    VF21 Create Invoice List

    VF22 Change invoice list

    VF23 Display Invoice List

    VF24 Edit Work List for Invoice Lists

    VF25 List of Invoice Lists

    VF26 Cancellation invoice list

    VF27 Display invoice list from archive

    VF31 Output from Billing Documents

    VF44 Revenue Recognition: Worklist

    VF45 Revenue recognition: Revenue report

    VF46 Revenue Recognition: Cancellation

    VF47 Revenue Recognition:ConsistencyChec

    VGK1 Create Group for Delivery

    VGK2 Change Group for Delivery

    VGK3 Display Group for Delivery

    VGL1 Create Group for Delivery

    VGL2 Change Group for Delivery

    VGL3 Display Group for Delivery

    VGW1 Create Picking Wave

    VGW2 Change Picking Waves

    VGW3 Display Picking Waves

    VG01 Create Group

    VG02 Change Group

    VG03 Display Group

    VIBA Send IDoc Output-AES-Initial Procg

    VIBB Send IDoc Output-AES-Repeat Procg

    VIBC Send IDoc Output-AES-Error in Procg

    VIBD Printing: Analysis form data audit

    VIBN Monitor messages

    VIB1 Send IDoc Output

    VIB2 Call Print Program From VI10/VI14

    VIB3 Foreign Trade Output Status

    VIB4 Print Transaction: Initial Procg

    VIB5 Print Transaction: Repeat Procg

    VIB6 Print Transaction: Error in Procg

    VIB7 Send IDoc Output - Initial Procg

    VIB8 Send IDoc Output - Repeat Procg

    VIB9 Send IDoc Output - Error in Procg

    VICC Convert format currency field

    VICI Call shipment info via CALL TRANS

    VIC00 Consistency Check IMG ShpmtCostCalc

    VIEX FT: Journal Export Actual

    VIE4 Incompleteness Periodic Declaration

    VIFBW Reorg: Shipment Costs in BW

    VIIM FT: Op. Cockpit: Purchase order

    VII4 Merge: Rest - Import Code Number

    VIJ1 Journal Import

    VIJ2 Journal Export

    VILI FT: Export Deliveries Journal

    VIMM Decl. Recpts/Disptch Min. Oil Prod.

    VIMU Foreign Trade: Comparison of codes

    VIM4 Merge: EU - Import Code Number

    VIM6 Customer Exits: Data Selection

    VIPL Display Customs Duty for Ceiling

    VIR1 Import Reorg. - Incompleteness

    VIR2 Export Reorg. - Incompleteness

    VIS3 Check program: Cross-plant

    VIUL Foreign Trade: Data Upload

    VIU4 Load Import Code No.-Other Countrie

    VIU4X Load Import Code No.-Other Countrie

    VIWAX Display FT Data in Goods Issue

    VIWBX Change FT Data in Goods Issue

    VIWE FT: Op. Cockpit: Goods Receipt

    VI00 Shipment costs

    VI01 Create shipment costs

    VI02 Change shipment costs

    VI03 Display shipment costs

    VI08 Display FT data in purchasing doc.

    VI08X Display FT data in purchasing doc.

    VI09 Change FT Data in Purchasing Doc.

    VI09X Change FT Data in Purchasing Doc.

    VI10 Display FT Data in Billing Document

    VI10X Display FT Data in Billing Document

    VI14 Change FT Data in Billing Document

    VI14X Change FT Data in Billing Document

    VI15 Display logs (appl. log)

    VI17 Display FT Data in Inbound Delivery

    VI17X Display FT Data in Inbound Delivery

    VI18 Display Anti-dumping

    VI19 Display Third-country Customs Dutie

    VI20 Display Customs Quota

    VI21 Display Pharmaceutical Products

    VI22 Display Customs Exemption

    VI23 Display Preferential Customs Duties

    VI24 Code Number Information - Import

    VI24X Import Code No. Information

    VI25 Display Gross Price - Customs

    VI26 Display Surcharge/Discount - Custom

    VI27 Display Freight - Customs

    VI53 Change FT Data in Inbound Delivery

    VI53X Change FT Data in Inbound Delivery

    VI64 Display FT Data in Outbound Deliver

    VI64X Display FT Data in Outbound Deliver

    VI71 Change Preference Values

    VI72 Display Insurance - Customs

    VI73 Maintain Vendor Declaration

    VI73N Maintain Vendor Declaration

    VI74 Display Vendor Declaration

    VI74N Display Vendor Declaration

    VI75 Vendor Declarations - Dunning notic

    VI77 Change FT Data in Outbound Delivery

    VI77X Change FT Data in Outbound Delivery

    VI79 Display FT Data in Goods Receipt

    VI79X Display FT Data in Goods Receipt

    VI80 Change FT Data in Goods Receipt

    VI80X Change FT Data in Goods Receipt

    VI81 Check Report: CAP Products

    VI81X Check Report: CAP Products

    VI82 Check General Customer Master Data

    VI82X Incompleteness: FT Customer Data

    VI83 Check Customer Master/Legal Control

    VI83X Incompleteness:Customer Control Dat

    VI84 Doc.Payments: Check Customer Master

    VI84X Billing Doc.Incompleteness Customer

    VI85 Incompleteness: Foreign Trade Vendo

    VI86 Incompleteness: Cross-plant

    VI90 Fill Foreign Components in BOMs

    VI91 Display Foreign Components in BOMs

    VI94 Load Import Code Nos - EU Countries

    VI94X Load Import Code Nos - EU Countries

    VI96 Customer Exits: Default Values

    VI98 Receipt-Basis for Intercomp.Billing

    VI99 Returns and Credit Memos

    VK+C Condition master data check

    VKAR Read Archive File

    VKAW Generate Archive File

    VKC1 Create General Strategy

    VKC2 Change General Strategy

    VKC3 Display General Strategy

    VKDV Number range maintenance: RV_SNKOM

    VKM1 Blocked SD Documents

    VKM2 Released SD Documents

    VKM3 Sales Document

    VKM4 SD Documents

    VKM5 Delivery

    VKPA Archiving

    VKPB Sales price calc. in background run

    VKPR Read archive file

    VKP0 Sales Price Calculation

    VKP1 Sales price calculation

    VKP2 Display POS Conditions

    VKP3 Pricing document for material

    VKP4 Pricing document for org. structure

    VKP5 Create Calculation

    VKP6 Change pricing document

    VKP7 Display pricing document

    VKP8 Display Price Calculation

    VKP9 Currency conversion in price calc.

    VKU1 Report: Reval at Rtl for Rtl Pr.Chn

    VKU10 Correction of Valuation at Retail

    VKU11 Delete Count Document Items

    VKU2 Total Revaluation at Retail

    VKU3 Partial Revaluation at Retail

    VKU4 Rtl Revaluation Docs for Material

    VKU5 Display Retail Revaluation Document

    VKU6 Report: List Crtn for Rtl Pr. Chang

    VKU7 Report: Total Reval. for Rtl Pr. Ch

    VKU8 Test Transaction BAPI Count List

    VKU9 Rtl Reval. Correction: List Display


    VKVF Conditions: Dialog Box for CondElem

    VKVG Maintain Condition Elements

    VKVI General View Maintenance - W.Qualif


    VKXX Create Test for RKA

    VKYY Change Test for RKA

    VKZZ Test for RKS-Surcharge Conditions

    VK01 Conditions: Dialog Box for CondElem

    VK03 Create Condition Table

    VK04 Change Condition Table

    VK05 Display Condition Table

    VK11 Create Condition

    VK12 Change Condition

    VK13 Display Condition

    VK14 Create Condition with Reference

    VK15 Create Condition

    VK16 Create Condition with Reference

    VK17 Change condition

    VK18 Display condition

    VK19 Change Condition Without Menu

    VK20 Display Condition Without Menu

    VK31 Condition Maintenance: Create

    VK32 Condition Maintenance: Change

    VK33 Condition Maintenance: Display

    VK34 Condition Maint.: Create with Refer

    VLBT Plan Delivery Creation as a Job

    VLE1 Picking with Picking Waves

    VLK1 Picking with Picking Waves

    VLK2 Picking with Picking Waves

    VLK3 Picking with Picking Waves

    VLLA RWE: Picking/Goods Issue Analysis

    VLLC RWE: Archive Data

    VLLD Rough Workload Forecast: Delete Log

    VLLE RWE: Goods Receipt/Putaway Analysis

    VLLF Picking Waves: Archive Data

    VLLG RWE: Analyze Complete Overview

    VLLP Rough Workload Forecast: Display Lo

    VLLQ RWE: Returns to Vendor Analysis

    VLLR RWE: Customer/Store Return Analysis

    VLLS Var. Stand. Analyses Setting App 42

    VLLV W&S: Control RWE/Picking Waves

    VLMOVE HU Goods Movements

    VLPOD POD - Change Outbound Delivery

    VLPODA POD - Display Outbound Delivery

    VLPODF Worklist: POD Subsequent Processing

    VLPODL Worklist: POD Deliveries

    VLPODQ Automatic PoD Confirmation

    VLSP Subsequent Outbound-Delivery Split

    VLSPS Outbound Delivery Split via HU Scan

    VLUNIV Change Delivery (General)

    VL00 Shipping

    VL01 Create Delivery

    VL01N Create Outbound Dlv. with Order Ref

    VL01NO Create Outbound Dlv. w/o Order Ref.

    VL02 Change Outbound Delivery

    VL02N Change Outbound Delivery

    VL03 Display Outbound Delivery

    VL03N Display Outbound Delivery

    VL04 Process Delivery Due List

    VL06 Delivery Monitor

    VL06C List Outbound Dlvs for Confirmation

    VL06D Outbound Deliveries for Distributio

    VL06F General delivery list - Outb.deliv.

    VL06G List of Oubound Dlvs for Goods Issu

    VL06I Inbound Delivery Monitor

    VL06IC Confirmation of putaway inb. deliv.

    VL06ID Inbound Deliveries for Distribution

    VL06IF Selection inbound deliveries

    VL06IG Inbound deliveries for goods receip

    VL06IP Inbound deliveries for putaway

    VL06L Outbound Deliveries to be Loaded

    VL06O Outbound Delivery Monitor

    VL06P List of Outbound Dlvs for Picking

    VL06T List Outbound Dlvs (Trans. Planning

    VL06U List of Uncheckd Outbound Deliverie

    VL08 Confirmation of Picking Request

    VL09 Cancel Goods Issue for Delivery Not

    VL10I Schedule Lines due for Delivery

    VL13 Create Deliveries in Dec.Shipping

    VL21 Post goods issue in background

    VL22 Display Delivery Change Documents

    VL23 Goods Issue (Background Processing)

    VL23N Goods Issue (Background Processing)

    VL30 Shipping

    VL31 Create Inbound Delivery

    VL31N Create Inbound Delivery

    VL31W Create Inbnd Dlv. Notification (WEB

    VL32 Change Inbound Delivery

    VL32N Change Inbound Delivery

    VL32W Change Inbnd Dlv. Notification (WEB

    VL33 Display Inbound Delivery

    VL33N Display Inbound Delivery

    VL34 Worklist Inbound Deliveries

    VL35 Create Wave Picks: Delivery/Time

    VL35_S Create Wave Picks: Shipment

    VL36 Change Picking Waves

    VL37 Wave Pick Monitor

    VL38 Groups Created: Wave Picks

    VL39 Billing Documents for Wave Picks

    VL41 Create Rough GR

    VL42 Change Rough GR

    VL43 Display Rough GR

    VL51 Create Route Schedule: Initial Scr.

    VL52 Change Route Schedule: Initial Scr.

    VL53 Display Route Schedule: Initial Scr

    VL70 Output From Picking Lists

    VL71 Output from Outbound Deliveries

    VL72 Output from Groups of Deliveries

    VL73 Confirmation of Decentr.Deliveries

    VL74 Output from Handling Units

    VL75 Shipping Notification Output

    VL76 Output from Rough Goods Receipt

    VM01 Create Hazardous Material

    VM02 Change Hazardous Material

    VM03 Display Hazardous Material

    VNEA Output: Create Cond.Table - Rough G

    VNEB Output-Cond.Table-Change Ship.Notif

    VNE1 Output: Create Cond.Tbl-Ship.Notif.

    VNE2 Output-Cond.Table-Change Ship.Notif

    VNKP Number range maintenance: RV_VEKP

    VN10 Number range maintenance: SD_SCALE

    VOA0 Order Information Configuration

    VOA01 User exit lists sales

    VOA1 Inquiry Information Configuration

    VOA2 Quotation Information Configuration

    VOA3 Configuration of Sched.Agreemt Info

    VOA4 Contract Information Configuration

    VOA5 Product Proposal Info. Configuratio

    VOBO Config.for Backorder Processing

    VOB3 Comparison: Bill. Docs and Stats

    VOC0 Contract List Configuration

    VOC1 Customizing for List of Addresses

    VOD5 Configuration Cust.Indeped.Reqs.Inf

    VOEX Incompleteness: Billing Document

    VOFM Configuration for Reqs; Formulae

    VOFN Call Up Transaction VOFM

    VOF0 Configuration of Billing Informatio

    VOF01 User exit lists sales

    VOF02 User exit lists sales

    VOF1 Configuration: Collective Billing

    VOF2 Configuration Invoice List Info

    VOF3 Edit Work List for Invoice Lists

    VOIM Incompleteness: Purchase Order

    VOKF Configuration Release of CustPrice

    VOKR Configuration of Credit Release

    VOK0 Conditions: Pricing in Customizing

    VOK1 Account Determination: Customizing

    VOK2 Output Determination

    VOK3 Message Determination: Purchasing

    VOK4 Output Determination: Inventory Mgm

    VOLI Incompleteness: Delivery

    VOL0 Delivery Information Configuration

    VOL01 User exit lists sales

    VOL1 Configuration: Collective Dlv.Proc.

    VOL6 Configure information on

    VOL7 Settings for Packing

    VOPA Configuration: Partner

    VOPAN Customizing Partners

    VOP2 Configuration: Partner

    VORA Archiving Control for Sales Doc.

    VORD Route definition (to R/3 vers. 3.1)

    VORF Route Definition (Up To Rel. 4.0B)

    VORK Archiving Control for Sales Activit

    VORL Archiving Control for Delivery

    VORN Central Archiving Control

    VORR Archiving Control for Billing Docs

    VOTX Configuration: Texts

    VOTXN Maintain Text Customizing

    VOVS Define Status in Overview Screen

    VOWE Incompleteness: Goods Receipt

    VPE1 Create sales representative

    VPE2 Change sales representative

    VPE3 Display sales representative

    VPM4 Merge: Japan - Import Code Number

    VPNR View of the active PNR in 1A

    VPN1 Number Range for Contact Person

    VPRE PRICAT manual creation

    VPSK DisplPartnDetProc.f.each Activ.Type

    VPS2 Maintain Partn.Det.Proc.f.eachActTy

    VP94 Load Import Code No. for Japan

    VP94X Load Import Code No. for Japan

    VRLI FT: Reorg. T609S Delivery

    VRRE Returns Delivery for RMA Order

    VRWE FT: Reorg. T609S Goods Receipt

    VSBSMS SBWAP Reporting

    VSB1 Self-Billing Proc. Inbound Monitor

    VS00 SD Main Menu for Customer

    VS01 Create Scale

    VS02 Change Scale

    VS03 Display Scale

    VS04 Create Scale with Reference

    VS05 List Scales

    VTBT Report for Definition of Batch Run

    VTBW Reorg.: Shipment Data in BW

    VTDOCU Tech. documentation transportation

    VTFAKT Bill Deliveries

    VTRC XSI Cockpit

    VTRK Tracking

    VTRS XSI: Carrier: Master Data

    VTWABU Post goods issue

    VT00 Transportation

    VT01 Old: Create Shipment

    VT01N Create Shipment

    VT02 Old: Change Shipment

    VT02N Change Shipment

    VT03 Old: Display Shipment

    VT03N Display Shipment

    VT04 Transportation Worklist

    VT10 Select shipments: Start

    VT18 Start F4 Help Shipping

    VT19 Shipment Tendering Status Monitor

    VT20 Overall Shipment Process Monitor

    VT22 Display Change-Document Shipment

    VT30 Initial internet tran for shipment

    VT30N Tendering Events for Carriers

    VT31 Shipment tendering

    VT31C Customizing screen for shipment tend

    VT31N Selection Variants for Fwdg Agents

    VT32 Shipment Status list

    VT33 Planning for Carriers

    VT34 Reports for Carriers via HTML

    VT34M Reports for Carriers via WML

    VT60 Transfer Location Master Data to TP

    VT61 Ext. transport. planning deliveries

    VT62 Send Deliveries to Forwarding Agent

    VT63 Freight Plng Status from Deliveries

    VT68 Deallocate delivery from TPS

    VT69 Plan Deliveries from Freight Plng

    VT70 Output for Shipments

    VUA2 Maintain Doc.Type Incompletion Proc

    VUA3 Display Doc.Type Incompletion Proc.

    VUE2 Maintain Sched.Line Incompletion Pr

    VUE3 Display Sched.Line Incompletion Pro

    VUPA Display Partner Incompletion Proc.

    VUP2 Maintain Item Incompletion Procedur

    VUP3 Display Item Incompletion Procedure

    VVG1 Create Output: Group

    VVG2 Change output: Groups

    VVG3 Display Output: Group

    VV11 Create Output: Sales

    VV12 Change output: Sales

    VV13 Display Output: Sales

    VV21 Create Output: Shipping

    VV22 Change output: Shipping

    VV23 Display Output: Shipping

    VV31 Create Output : Billing

    VV32 Change output: Billing

    VV33 Display Output: Billing

    VV51 Create Output for Sales Activity

    VV52 Change Output: Sales Activity

    VV53 Display Output: Sales Activity

    VV61 Create Output: Handling Units

    VV62 Change Output: Handling Unit

    VV63 Display Output: Handling Unit

    VV71 Create Output: Transportation

    VV72 Change Output: Transportation

    VV73 Display Output: Transportation

    VW01 SD Scenario 'Incoming Orders'

    VW02 SD Scenario 'Freedom to Shop'

    VW10 SD Scenario 'Order Status'

    VXA1 Docs Assigned to Financial Document

    VXA2 Existing Financial Documents

    VXA3 Financial Documents: Blocked Docs

    VXA4 Financial Documents: Simulation

    VXA5 Document. Payments: Print Monitorin

    VXA7 Documentary Payments: Simulation

    VXBC SLS: List of Blocked Customers

    VXCZ INTRASTAT: Form - Czech Republic

    VXDA SLS: Audit Trail - Customer Master

    VXDG Export Control

    VXDP Declarations to the Authorities

    VXDV List of Expiring SLS Records

    VXGK Export Control

    VXHU INTRASTAT: Form - Hungary

    VXIE Maintain Foreign Trade Data

    VXJ0 Foreign Trade: MITI Decl. - Japan

    VXJ3 Foreign Trade: Import Decl. Japan

    VXKA SLS: Audit Trail: Vendor Master

    VXKD Declarations to the Authorities

    VXKP Configuration: Maintain Tables T180

    VXLA Legal Control: SLS - Audit Trail

    VXLB Legal Control: SLS: Sim.: Address

    VXLC SLS: Vendor Check - Scenario 3

    VXLD Legal Control: SLS - List Display

    VXLE SLS: Scenario 5 - Vendor Master

    VXLP Legal Control: SLS: Keyword: Addres

    VXLU Legal Control: SLS - Data Service

    VXLX Legal Control: SLS: Sim. Customer

    VXLY Legal Control: SLS: Sim. Deliv.

    VXLZ Sanctioned Party List Screen

    VXL1 Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 1

    VXL2 Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 2

    VXL3 Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 3

    VXL4 Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 4

    VXL5 Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 5

    VXL6 Legal Control: SLS: Sim.: Customer

    VXL7 Legal Control: SLS: Search Terms

    VXL8 Legal Control: SLS: Change History

    VXL9 Legal Control: SLS: Sim.: Vendor

    VXME Declarations to the Authorities

    VXMO Common Agricultural Policy

    VXPL INTRASTAT: Form - Poland

    VXPR Export Control

    VXSE Declarations to the Authorities

    VXSIM Simulate Import

    VXSK INTRASTAT: Form - Slovakia

    VXSL Foreign Trade: Area Menu SLS

    VXSW Mass change material commodity code

    VXS1 Legal Control: SLS: Create Entry

    VXS2 Ges. Kontrolle: SLS: Change Entry

    VXS3 Legal Control: SLS: Display Entry

    VX0C Foreign Trade: Customizing Menu

    VX00 Export Control

    VX01 Create license (old)

    VX01N Create license

    VX01X Create control record (new)

    VX02 Change license (old)

    VX02N Change license

    VX02X Change control record (new)

    VX03 Display license (old)

    VX03N Display license

    VX03X Display control record (new)

    VX04N Maintain license

    VX07 Simulation: License Check

    VX08 Simulation: Boycott List Check

    VX09 Simulation: Embargo Check

    VX11 Create Financial Document

    VX11N Create financial document

    VX11X Create Financial Document

    VX12 Change Financial Document

    VX12N Change Financial Document

    VX12X Change Financial Document

    VX13 Display Financial Document

    VX13N Display financial document

    VX13X Display Financial Document

    VX14N Maintain financial documents

    VX16 BAFA diskette: Selection

    VX17 Create BAFA diskette

    VX22 Change license data (old)

    VX22N Change License Data

    VX23 Display license data (old)

    VX23N Display license data

    VX24N Maintain control data

    VX30 Legal Control: Export Ctrl Class

    VX94 Declarations to Authorities: Check

    VX98 Displ.FT Data in Purch.Doc.-INTERNE

    VX99 FT/Customs: General overview

    V101 Initial Sales Menu

    V12L_A Create Pricing Report

    V12L_B Change Pricing Report

    V12L_C Display Pricing Report

    V12L_D Execute Pricing Report

    V12LCA Create Pricing Report

    V12LCB Change Pricing Report

    V23 Sales Documents Blocked for Billing

    V633 Customer Conversion Dec.Shipping

    Reward if USeful

    Thanx & Regards


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    Former Member
    Sep 11, 2007 at 06:32 AM

    Go to table TSTC in se16 and give V* and press press F4.You will get all the tcodes related to Sales.

    Hope this helps


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    Former Member
    Sep 11, 2007 at 06:35 AM


    goto to tcode:se16-> enter table name; TSTC> here enter you will find firld name tcode, u can enter what series of tcode u want eg;VA*. it will show list tcode starting from va.

    T codes


    Creating Sales Order - VA01

    Maintaining a Sales Order - VA02

    Displaying a Sales Order - VA03

    Releasing an Order or Delivery from Credit Hold: Non-Flooring - VKM1

    Display List of RMAs by Customer - VA05

    Confirm RMA Goods Receipt - VL02

    Generate list of open return orders for deletion - VA05

    Display Customer returns eligibility - MCSI

    Removing a Billing Block (Approving Credit/Debit Requests) - V.23


    Create Pricing - VK11

    Creating a Sales Deal - VB21

    Maintaining a Sales Deal - VB22

    Displaying a Sales Deal - VB23

    Maintaining Prices - VK12

    Displaying Prices - VK13


    Creating Material Substitution Master Data - VB11

    Maintaining/Deleting Material Substitution Master Data - VB12

    Displaying Material Substitution Master Data - VB13

    Creating a Bundled Master - MM01

    Creating a Sales BOM - CS01

    Maintaining a Sales BOM - CS02

    Displaying a Sales BOM - CS03


    Creating Partner Records - XD01

    Maintaining Customer Master Data - XD02

    Displaying Customer Master Data - XD03

    Deactivating a Partner - VD06


    Creating/Maintaining New Customer Credit Information - FD32

    Displaying Customer Credit Information - FD33

    Blocking or Unblocking a Customer - VD05


    Creating a Delivery - VL01N

    Displaying a Delivery - VL03N

    Deleting a Delivery - VL02N

    Shipment Inquiry / Display - VT03

    Adjusting Transfer Order - Confirmation Quantity - LT12

    Collectively Confirm Transfer Order - LT25

    Batch Shipment Confirmation - VL19

    Creating Service Provider/Carrier Master Data - XK01

    Maintaining Serive Provider/Carrier Master Data - XK02

    Displaying Service Provider/Carrier Master Data - XK03

    Maintaining Product Master/Serial # Profile/Unit of Measure/Shipping Unit - MM02

    IDoc Inquiry - WE02 / WE05


    Invoicing a Customer Shipment - VF01

    Reprinting an Invoice - VF31

    Releasing a Sales Order for Billing - V.23

    Creating an Invoice by Using the Billing Due List - VF04

    Checking Open Billing Documents - VF05

    Create Credit/Debit Memo - FB01


    Controlling Total Debit/Credit bkgs - F.03

    Generate FI Account balance - F.08

    Generate Month-to-date Inv. register - F.02

    Process payments - FBZ1

    Rqst Individual Customer Corresp. - FB12

    Generate Customer Correspondence - F.61

    Enter Batch totals under Control ttl - FB07

    Display G/L Acct. totals - FBL3N

    Reverse Posted Amounts - FB08

    Customer Refunds - FBL6

    Customer Refund to other than Payer - FB05

    Clearing Debit/Credit on Cust. acct. - FB1D

    Customer Balance in Local Currency - F.23

    G/L Account Balance Report - F.08

    Create Invoice - legal entity adjust - FB01

    Generate Cust. Acct. statements - F.27

    Generate Dunning Letters - F150

    Generate Billing Due List - VF04

    Generate Blocked Billing Doc list - VFX3

    Inq. via Credit Release Screen - VKM1

    List orders by partner - VA05

    Past Due invoices by customer - FD11

    Check number info by G/L account - FBL3N

    Display customer Line items - FBL5N

    The most frequently used transaction codes are as follows:

    1. VS00 - Master data

    2. VC00 - Sales Support

    3. VA00 - Sales

    4. VL00 - Shipping

    5. VT00 - Transportation

    6. VF00 - Billing

    Others as follows:

    At Configuration:

    1. VOV8 - Define Sales documents type (header)

    2. OVAZ - Assigning Sales area to sales documents type

    3. OVAU - Order reasons

    4. VOV4 - Assign Item categoreies(Item cat determination)

    5. VOV6 - Scedule line categories

    6. OVAL - To assign blocks to relevant sales documents type

    7. OVLK - Define delivery types

    8. V/06 - Pricing

    9. V/08 - Maintain pricing procedure

    10.OVKP - Pricing proc determination

    11.V/07 - Access sequence


    1. Customer Master Creation-VD01 and XD01 (for full inclu company code)

    VD02 - Change Customer

    VD03 - Display Customer

    VD04 - Customer Account Changes

    VD06 - Flag for Deletion Customer

    XD01 - Create Customer

    XD02 - Modify Customer

    XD03 - Display Customer

    2. Create Other material -


    3. VB11- To create material determination condition record

    4. CO09- Material availability Overview

    5. VL01 - Create outbound delivery with ref sales order

    6. VL04 - Collective processing of delivery

    7. VA11 - Create Inquiry

    VA12 - Change Inquiry

    VA13 - Display Inquiry



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    Former Member
    Sep 11, 2007 at 06:37 AM

    Hai swapna

    Whenever you want to move to a particular screen, you need to type the transaction code pertaining to that screen, they enable us to perform the operations quickly in sd, depending on the process or requirement you have different tcodes. In a particular screen, if you go the bottom right and pull down the menu, you will find the relevant tcode for the screen / transaction u are running


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