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Sep 11, 2007 at 05:40 AM

Delete duplicate entriess from the internal table its urgent pls help.


Hi friends,

Hope everybody is doing good,Here is m query on delete duplicate data from the intenal table.

I have an internal table which contain data in the following format.

Doc No Comp Cod Vendor Assignment

1500000009 JM11 00000000

1500000008 JM11 20070212(Repeating)

1500000007 JM11 20070212

1500000006 JM11 00000000

1500000005 JM11 00000000

1500000004 JM11 00000000(Repeating)

1500000003 JM11 00000000 (Repeating)

1500000002 JM11 00000000

1500000001 JM11 20050302

1500000000 JM11 00000000

1500000003 JM11 10000088

1500000001 JM11 10000088

1500000030 JM11 10006260

1500000010 JM11 10006269

1500000008 JM11 10006269

1500000006 JM11 10006269

1500000004 JM11 10006269

if you see the document numbers,there are some document number which are repeating here,there are some document numer which contain vendor number but not the assignments,some of the document numbers contain the assignments but not the vendors.

If my internal table contain this kind of data with repeted document numbers than i want the document number which contains only the vendor number.

Pls help me with the appropriate logic,its urgent.

Thanks a lot