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Sep 11, 2007 at 04:58 AM

BPM issue


Hi folks,

We come across a requirement where we have to use A <b>BPM to pick a file and post it into other place and as soon as file is posted, BPM should trigger a RFc which inself will start a BDC program to post the data in R/3 from the file.</b>

I know this could be done without BPM also, but <b>kindly share your knowledge considering BPM scenario only.</b>

My Approach :

I have created dummy interface objects for picking and posting the file as we are not worried about the content of the file (which would be taken care by BDC logic written in the RFC itself).

Integration Process i designed goes like this :

Receive Step(Async,for picking the file)->Send Step(Async ,for posting the file)->Send step(Synch, for triggering the RFC)

My BPM is working fine till 1st send step as i am able to pick and post the file but after that i am getting warning message on 2nd send step( on checking the BPM in design level only : Container element in send step is not initialized 😔 )

Now my doubt is :

1. After first "send" step how can i change Async Communication to Sync communication going to be used by 2nd "send" step.

2. As my first two step are only using dummy variables(), so how can initialize the value

required by 2nd step for triggering the RFC.

Kindly share your approach for designing the Integration Process with step Types and any other feasible approaches for the scenario.

Points will be rewarded as per the help.