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Sep 10, 2007 at 11:14 PM

Error 1 when loading flat file in BW 7.0



The flat file structure is same as the transfer structure. Its a csv file and i also checked about the delimiters and stuff.The flat is not open and it is closed while i am loading it. The same file gets loaded if i try in another laptop with my id.If i use my colleague's id on my system doest, the basic problem is with my laptop. I know its nor related to type of data or transfer structure. Its some settings on my laptop which got changed automatically. If i install some other softwares like mozilla firefox or yahoo msg-will that create a problem? I am not at all understanding why its like this. Please help.The error msgs i get when i try to load the flat file -

Error 1 when loading external data


Error number 1 occurred when loading external data:

1. Error when reading the file (access rights, file name, ...)

2. File size or number of records does not correspond to the data in the control file

3. Error when generating the IDoc

4. File contains invalid data (errors with an arithmetic operation or data conversion)


Check whether you have the required access rights and whether the data in the control file is correct (file names, record length, number of records, ...). Correct the data in the control file if necessary and check the data file for invalid data (values of the wrong type, values in the wrong format for conversion exit,...). Check whether the file has headers that have not been specified.

Error when opening the data file C:\vikki1.csv (origin C)

Message no.


File C:\ vikki1.csv (origin C) could not be opened.


A : Application server

C : Client workstation


Check whether the file entered exists and is not been used by other applications.