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Result set is too large; work around.

I know it is not possible to retrieve more then 5000 record in design studio and I don’t need to. I have a table that holds 50,000 and will only get bigger. I need to dynamically select not more the 50 records from it at one time. I have set the universe data source “Load in script” to true. In my code I use the setVariableValue to set an prompt. However this still does not work. I need the dashboard to dynamically display only the data based on what the user enters in to the input field. Is this possible?

if (INPUTFIELD_PATH.getValue().length > 0 ) {
    DS_PATH.setFilter("_0dl3RoA5EeahodwSLoS1Dg", Convert.replaceAll(INPUTFIELD_PATH.getValue(), '*', ''));
    DS_PATH.setVariableValue("psEnter Case Number", INPUTFIELD_PATH.getValue());
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  • There should be a way to set filters on a data source before initializing it with code.

  • Hi Justin,

    Some questions:

    1) How come you are using the same Input Field value to apply both a filter and a variable? I would have expected you to use one or the other;

    2) Where are you executing the code snippet you have provided?

    3) You've mentioned that you have set the "Load in script" property of the data source to true. So where are you performing the initial load of the data source?



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