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Sep 10, 2007 at 10:12 AM

ESS enhancement build caused broken DCs



I'm doing ESSxx_D on <b>leave</b> enhancement and encountered the broken DCs after consolidation process.

Actually, i had tried the consolidation for 2 times, but none was successful.

In the first time, there were all 177 broken DCs for ESS_C and 1 broken DC for ESS_D after consolidation.

The broken DC happened to other DC (ess/tra/tri in ESS_D) which i didnt touch at all (only enhanced on ess/lea in ESS_D).

1. How could the broken DCs happened to ESS_C (which is supposed to be constant version) and ESS_D (which is not the one that i did enhancement at)?

Then, i created a new track and redo everything again. I just copied and pasted the source codes.

After checked-in, activated and released, the enhanced ESSxx_D deployed successfully to the development server. Everything is fine till this point.

Next, ESSxx_D was imported in the consolidation. After imported, there is ONE broken DC in the <b>ESSxx_C's ess/lea DC</b>. Error message is as below.

2. Isnt the <b>ESSxx_C</b> the constant version of the ESS and the enhancement will not affecting it? The ESSxx_D has no broken DC.

3. The source codes were same for the first time and second time consolidation. What could be gone wrong?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

[ddgen] [Info] Generating datatypes/com/sap/xss/hr/lea/form/adaptivemodel/types/Infty.gsimpletype

[System.err] [Invoked from Code))]

[System.err] LoadException: XMLParser: No data allowed here: (hex) 32, 30, 30(file:/usr/sap/EPD/JC00/j2ee/cluster/server0/temp/CBS/25/.B/191246/DCs/, row:3, col:3)

[System.err] at Code))

[System.err] at Code))

[System.err] at Code))

[System.err] at

- julius