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Sep 10, 2007 at 10:10 AM




This is my Project Requirement.

Since the orders are to be entered by the regions, it is proposed that the sales order is created with the default delivery block which blocks delivery confirmation when the order is created. Therefore, the order will initially have no confirmation schedule lines.

HO user will run a report to find out the list of blocked orders, and replace the delivery block with another block which allows confirmation but blocks actual delivery. This block is important for making sure that all the documentation like road permit is in place before the delivery is made.

Based on the required delivery dates for deliverable items, the system works out confirmation dates, which are captured in the schedule lines. The confirmation dates may not always be in line with the required dates, depending on the availability. To avoid staggered confirmation dates, the user will need to mark the ‘complete delivery’ indicator, which means the entire sales order is to be delivered in one lot.

Plz Suggest me here.

Here i need to create one delivery block and that it should not have confirmed schedule lines? How to achieve this?

plz suggest?