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How to add new Tag to blog post?

Oct 11, 2016 at 02:11 PM


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Hi all, I would like to start creating blog post on SAPUI5 tips/how to but at the moment there's no SAPUI5 Tag. How can we suggest new?



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I was puzzled at the lack of a UI5 tag also. I can't believe there isn't a UI5 tag - it must just have a weird name. But what...?


In the meantime, would HTML5 or UI development toolkit for HTML5 work? I see other blogs on the SAPUI5 topic tagged that way.


Well I could do that but it will be not correctly categorized. I will wait until that tag is added to the list.

Also tags, as far as I can see, are shared between blog/answer so it's inposibile to create an answer with that main tag.

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Steffi Warnecke Oct 11, 2016 at 02:33 PM

Could it be the tag for that is "UI development toolkit for HTML5"?

I looked through the excelsheet with all currently available tags and that one made the most sense. Find it here under "Primary Tags". It's best to download it, because there are issues with just opening it directly.



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Well if thart's the tag I think that it would be a good idea to rename it in SAPUI5 :D


If I remember correctly the plan is to include the short versions, too, some day. I have the same issue with my IDM. Can just find it under Identity Management. ^^


Would you ever search for "UI development toolkit for HTML5" when you search for a SAPUI5 question? :D


Until some minutes ago I didn't even know those were the same thing. ^^

The good thing is, you can add SAPUI5 or UI5 (or both) as a user tag to your content. The primary tags are set by the team, but you can create your own additional tags. That way people can still find your content when looking for "SAPUI5". :)


Yes, I think that's it. Why use a 6 character tag when a 32 character tag will do. How very SAP.


Yes, that is correct: UI development toolkit for HTML5 = SAPUI5

We don't have support for synonyms (yet), but we can look into renaming the tag.


The joys of using official product names rather than the names people actually use. Nobody calls it "UI development toolkit for HTML5", surely? Apart from whoever made the list of tags, I suppose.


It gets really confusing when you look at the community page, because that one is called "SAPUI5". ^^