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Sep 10, 2007 at 09:40 AM

New view in ICWC - exception error during navigation


Hi Experts,

I have created new view ZSrvTDate, and I am linking this new view to other views of same View area. In the Navigational Links, I have put in the Inbound and Outbound plug as 'default'.

When I test in ICWC, it gives me an exception error when I click on the link of new view. Error as follow:

An exception occurred during the activation of target view ZSrvTDate for the navigation

An exception has occurredException Class CX_BSP_INV_PAGE

Text: BSP Exception: Das Objekt in der URL /sap(bD1lbiZjPTkwMCZkPW1pbiZpPTEmcz1TSUQlM2FBTk9OJTNhcHdzYmRjcm0xX0Q4MF8wMCUzYTVFM182X3Y3cUU5N3owMnd3UmpPemJ0RFRxUDRHWk5BOVljWW9TZUwtQVRU)/bc/bsp/sap/crm_ic/ ist nicht gültig.

Program: CL_BSP_PAGE_BASE==============CP

Include: CL_BSP_PAGE_BASE==============CM01A

Source Text Row: 117

An exception occurred in inbound plug IP_DEFAULT of target view ZSrvTDate

An exception has occurredException Class CX_SY_REF_IS_INITIAL

Text: Dereferencing of the NULL reference

Program: CL_BSP_WD_WINDOW==============CP

Include: CL_BSP_WD_WINDOW==============CM004

Source Text Row: 47

Any idea to the above? Thanks alot