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Sep 10, 2007 at 09:39 AM

Anonymous Logon for implementing logon-picture does not work.


Hi bsp-experts,

i have tried to implement an anonymous login for a service, that was only created for holding picture data for the user-defined logon screen of the main application.

But when I call the URL of the main application, the (grey) logon screen appears asking for user password, although a service user was created via SU01.

After keying in user and password, the user-definied logon is shown - with picture data. If I cancel the logon-screen, the picture data is not shown.

Here my configuration:

- SICF: service /default_host/sap/bc/bsp/wisk/bsp_vsicherung (main-app) with

user defined logon via Class CL_ICF_NW04_LOGIN and with header-

picture "images/Logon_500x108.bmp"

service /default_host/sap/bc/bsp/wisk/bsp_vsicherung/mimes with

anonymous logon-data (client, user , language, pwd)

- SU01: Created the corresponding service User

- SE80: Package

- BSP Biblioth.

- BSP App


- Mimes

- images

Logon_500x108.bmp (uploaded)

Any ideas ? Maybe t is a fault, to create the mimes service hierarchical under the main application ?

Many thanks for any help.