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Sep 10, 2007 at 09:00 AM

No WPDNAC outgoing IDoc is generted


Hello community,

I have one IS RETAIL question

When new structured single article is created (that consists of empties BOM, one single component), outgoing IDOCs (towards POS) of type WPDNAC and WP_PLU are generated. Problem occurs when article is modified (for example when sales price changes) or article being re-listed: <b>NO WPDNAC IDoc IS GENERATED but only WP_PLU!

Could someone think of any reason why is it happening?</b>

I thought checking of WPDSET in customizing would do the trick, but it did not help.

I've already checked OSS notes, and didn't find any helpful notes (some problems from similiar notes were fixed in Relase 4.6, and we are running Release 4.7)