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Can we load Process orders, batches and stocks in parallel in multiple plants

Dear Experts,

We have to load Batch master, Stocks and Process Orders for multiple plants. Please heli me for below questions.

1. Can we upload process order together in multiple plants?

1. Can we upload batches together in multiple plants?

3. Can we upload stocks together in multiple plants?



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1 Answer

  • Sep 07, 2017 at 10:57 PM

    Why not? Maybe. It depends...

    We have in the meantime more than 1000 plants, in most of these plants people create production orders, create batches and post goods movements at the same time all day long, so why should this not work with an initial data load?

    Depending on your batch level you either create batches that are unique at plant level or being shared system wide. If there is the same batch number in 2 plants and your batch level is not plant level then you can create this batch just once and then it has to be extended with plant level, while with batch level is plant level both plants create the batch . If your load program is intelligent enough to know whether a batch has to be created or only extended then I see no bigger problem. Nevertheless I try to avoid doing a migration of the same object in parallel with others.

    If you are using LSMW then you might check a situation in the conversion routine, from here it might take some minutes until you finally execute the posting. If the object is migrated by other in parallel then the situation might have changed in those few minutes and one may get errors which have not been expected.

    We soon have a 3 projects going live on the same day. In the biggest of these projects we have to migrate batches and stock from more than 70 plants. This is done by one user using just one source file. I will do it for one of the other projects

    As long as you do not try to have stock from x plants in 1 material document then there is not any real issue when doing it in parallel. Of course someone needs to reconcile the inventory load, and if 2 projects migrate into the same target company then it is certainly better to do it one after the other instead in parallel.

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