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Sep 09, 2007 at 05:05 PM

Error RSAR 245 - Can't activate Transfer Rules in BI 7.0


Hello SAP community!

I'm working with BI 7.0 trying to create an Infosource for loading an InfoObject (Z version of 0MATERIAL but with less attributes) from a Flat File (CSV file).

In my Datasource/Transf.Struct fields are of types CHAR, DATS, and NUMC since I am reading from a flat file. Target attributes and characteristic are of the same data types (CHAR, DATS, NUMC).

The error message is:

Error generating program

Message no. RSAR245


An error occurred during program generation:

Template: RSTMPL80

Error code: 6

Row: 47

Message: Statement concluding with "...LIKE" ended unexpect


Correct the template to remove the problem.

I am new to BI 7.0 and just have experience with BW 3.5.

I have searched for OSS notes and found several like 587869, 596749, 602318, but after reading the notes I still don't know if the problem is a support package is missing or whether I am missing some activity/action during creation of Infosource (since I'm new to BI 7.0).

I have checked SU53 right after error message occurs and it says that "The last authorization check was successful", so I don't think it is an authorization problem.

Can anybody help?

Thank you in advance.