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Aug 28, 2017 at 10:32 PM

SOLMAN UPGRADE - startsap error

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Hi experts,

When SUM was running in execution phase an error occurred. I noticed that sap instance 00 was down and instance 04 ABAP (shadow) was running. Then SUM stopped with error and I found note 2047880 - The upgrade stops due to application issues when upgrade NW AS JAVA from version 7xx to 740 but it was not possible to connect via telnet hostname 50008 so I set parameter

icm/server_port_3 = PROT=TELNET,PORT=5$(SAPSYSTEM)08,HOST=localhost and restarted instance with no success.

scdadm 51> startsap Checking syb Database Database is not available via R3trans ------------------------------------------- starting database SCD ... Log file: /sybase/SCD/startdb.log parse level 0: identified message 'Database 'master' is now online.' parse level 1: identified message 'Database 'tempdb' is now online.' parse level 2: identified message 'Database 'sybsystemprocs' is now online.' parse level 3: identified message 'Recovery complete.' Recovery Complete startdb completed successfully Starting Startup Agent sapstartsrv /usr/sap/SCD/SYS/exe/uc/linuxx86_64/startsap: line 3171: 5205 Segmentation fault $_SAPSTARTSRV pf=$_PROFILE -D >> $LOGFILE 2>&1 FAIL: Timeout Startup of Instance Service failed See /home/scdadm/startsap_SCS02.log for details ------------------------------------------- solmandes:scdadm 52>

If I execute R3trans -x everything looks fine:

> R3trans -x This is R3trans version 6.26 (release 749 - 24.03.17 - 20:17:03). unicode enabled version R3trans finished (0000). Attached /home/scdadm directory (the only one with updated info)

Any clue?