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Sep 08, 2007 at 04:19 PM

Embedding Flex in Web Dynpro with mutual interaction


Hi all,

This is a problem which is arisen due to shortcomings/restrictions in Web Dynpro. What all I want is a dynamic, editable, sortable drop_down_by_index UI element which not only lists values from RFC mapped with index but also allows user to type-in the values in the input field of it and the values get sorted with each key press of user so as helping user to search from the list and when user selects something from the list, the onSelect event raises and triggers some other things. I know is not possible in Web Dynpro in NW04s. (Any takers ?)

For this, I have planned to embed a similar UI element developed in Flex with all above features in an iFrame within the Web Dynpro screen and that iFrame will be as a cell in a column of a table. There will be three web services deployed along with this application, one that supplies all the data from the RFC, second having searching and sorting funtionalitie Is and populates drop_down and the third to take on onSelect event from the Flex component and gets it handled in the Web Dynpro component.

How far do you feel that it is doable in the way I am talking and what will be severity of deterioration the performance of the overall application is going to get as it's efficiency is somewhat pleasing right now ?