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Adjustment Depreciation with Unplanned Depre

Hi SAP Gurus,

my situation is here:

1. My user client have asset : asset A, ordinary depre start date on 01.05.2010, Useful life 4 year which is end on 2014. but, have no NBV until the 05.07.2017, cause user GR from PO about IDR 325,245,000,-

2. beside Asset A, user have asset B (ordinary depre start date on 01.07.2017, useful life 5 year). user have transfered Asset A via ABUMN to asset B already on 05.07.2017

3. after that, AFAB runned by user.

4. Asset A posted the depre amount on July with IDR 325,245,000,-, hence the asset B posted just one month of depre.

What I want to ask you about:

1. could you please help me for adjust the depreciation that already done on July? How? i've already tried ABAA for unplanned depreciation but this error still showed up. even when i copied the TType 650 and make it to Z01 with debit transaction, this eror will show up.

In area 01, you can only post manual dep. up to the amount 0

Message no. AA649

Asset affected: 000131000011-0000


This posting cannot be performed, since manual depreciation can only be posted in the amount of 0 in area 01.


Check the transaction type entered, or change the posting amount.
Caution: If the amount concerned is 0, this could be the result of two situations:

1. The asset does not have any net book value; in this case, you should check the transaction as described above.

2. The asset has a depreciation key with automatic depreciation calculation. However, if you want to include depreciation in addition to the automatically calculated depreciation, it has to be unplanned depreciation.
Otherwise, you should use a depreciation key that does not calculate automatic depreciation (SAP-supplied key: MANU).

NOTE : i already know why SAP posted the IDR 325,245,000,-. The system will note the symptom that no depre has posted since 2010, and the UE will end 2014. so, in addition to balance it, SAP posted as correction by posting bulk IDR 325,245,000,- as depre exp.

solution : if you find case like this, exchange the ordinary start depr of Asset A to asset B and vice versa before ABUMN. so, when ABUMN happend, the planned depre will zero in asset A.after ABUMN is succes, make sure to exchange again as the original ord depre start date. check AW01N for planned depre and you can run AFAB freely after this.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,


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2 Answers

  • Aug 28, 2017 at 06:49 PM

    I recommend searching the site, as this question has been asked before.

    Check this thread and transactions OABU OAXE

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  • Aug 30, 2017 at 08:07 AM

    Hi Kemala,

    Additionally / summary to the last reply:

    Note 50761:

    Unplanned depreciation does not influence the depreciation calculated by

    the system in the current year. The only take effect in the calculations of the following years.

    You may consider use the options mentioned in error AA649 or note 50761,

    1. Change the depreciation key to "Immediate depreciation". The fixed asset reaches the book value zero in the next posting run.

    2. Change the depreciation key to "Manual depreciation". Use transaction type 600 or 610 to post the ordinary depreciation up to the current call-up point. Post the unplanned depreciation.

    3. Post a negative write-up. You can post a negative write-up simply by entering a negative amount.

    4. As of development status ERP 6.0, you can also take unplanned depreciation into account in the current year using the new depreciation calculation. For more information about this, see Note 1634613.

    For example you may post a negative write-up.

    You can post a negative write-up simply by entering a negative amount as the write-up affects the scheduled depreciation in the current year in the case of a net book value depreciation.

    best regards


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