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Sep 08, 2007 at 02:46 AM

escalation Clock Resetting


Dear Friends,

Before you read below , i will summarize my doubt here .....

[ How to reset the clock timing , while it is already running ]

Whenever i change the status to inprocess , i have to pass the new time to my Escalation Clock . I have done like i used a wait for event control and below i added the Clock(Dead Line Monitoring) .Once it is started running .. assume it is for three days ...Mean time i changed my status to solution proposed , again im changing to inprocess.. that time the event is not triggering ( means not Event receiving in workflow) , Becuase the clock is already running ..

___________________ Detail below _________________________________

I Have a Scenario , in my support Message , we have the following status

In Process ,

Customer Action,

FeedBack from Customer,

Solution Proposed ,

Sent to SAP

Here I want to implement Escalation Time Based on Each Team in the Organisation Structure.

So Whenever the Status is In Process , or Feedback by Customer , then i have to start my Clock , if i change my status to Solution Proposed or Sent to SAP or Customer action the clock should Pause(stop) .....if you change the status again to inprocess it should continue.

I Believe this can be done during the run time we can get the hold date and time and difference we can again add in to the Escalation time .. ( so i got the escalation time)

Now here ...... my problem is ... Assume that i am the person i have one hour to solve one issue , now i picked up my msg with the status in process , The clock is started .... again i changed my status is solution proposed ...Now the clock should stop ... ( I dont know how to stop the Clock , logically ) , i have set one variable like Hold inthe workflow , the escalation reaches it will check if it is holded it wont run the activity ..( by using one condition i made this )..........

Now i want to implement even the clock is already running ... if i change the status to inprocess again the new values should pass to the clock ... is it possible ???

i have designed like .. i will have one wait for status change event ... whenever they change the status to inprocess that event will trigger .... so i added my clock below to that event in the workflow...

But problem is ... If the inprocess event already processing (means the clock already running ) ... if you change to some other status again if you change to inprocess .. The workitem not receiving the Inprocess event again ... ( i have seen this in SWEL)

I may confuse you .....if you have doubts on this ..just mention in ur reply...

thanks for your time friends