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Sep 07, 2007 at 07:51 PM

very very urgent help needed Distributed environment.


Hi All,

I want to know more about distributed environment. Typically we do have only one PRODUCTION system like 100.all the day to day business activities in real time will be done in this system. where the question will arise transfering the data from one system to other system using ALE/EDI-IDOCS.

for suppose::::

data between sales organization to warhouse and manufacturing unit to warehouse.

and all invoices will goes to respective company code in FI. then all should be done under the one roof (client). that client is here 100 as PRODUCTION system,as per my knowledge.

i am expecting clear understanding of this scenario from you guys.

like my questions???

1) what is the system?

ANS: warehouse, sales organization,manufacturing unit these all are systems.where we can define in one PRODUCTION system and one client. and these RFC destinations we create like three digit or thru IP address.

2) i want to know about this three digit sytem? whether it will create it within the production system (100)?

3) if it is created within the production client(100) system then what the need of IP address?

4) what is client?

ANS: client is highest hierarchy in the sap production we maintain 100 as a one. but in development systems and other quality systems we maintain like 100,200,300,400,500,,,Etc.according to business requirement.

*********(Please dont say answers like dev syst to quality systems)***********

my thoughts and views i added, i wnat to know clear scenario, within two lines.if it possible?

earliest answer is more appreciable.

warm regards,