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Sep 07, 2007 at 06:44 PM

how to call MSC2N in QA11 transacion before saving the data of QA11


I need to call MSC2N in the QA11 transaction because i want the Next inspection date for the particular material, plant, and batch. but while iam in QA11 the batch is locked so it will not allow me to go to MSC2N. So to see Next inspection date i have to come out of QA11 and then go to MSC2N to get corresponding Next inspection date.

<b>To avoid this i want that in QA11 i should call MSC2N. or how to unlock batch so that i can go to MSC2N while iam in it possible</b>

Pls provide me suggestion.

<u><i> (URGENT rewards for any given needul suggestion..............)</i></u><b></b>