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Former Member
Sep 07, 2007 at 02:24 PM

UD Connect Not Automatically Establishing Connection


We've been successfully using UD Connect in our production system since July '07. However, we periodically run into a problem when we lose the connection between our BW 3.5 system and a source system (an SQL database residing on a microsoft server; our BW system is on AIX).

We've identified three causes of the lost connection: server reboot (for example, due to Windows patching); database stop and restart; network problems.

In each case, UD Connect doesn't re-establish the connection when it's lost. I would think that with today's technology it should be able to identify the lost connection and attempt to re-establish it.

Is anyone aware of a method to set up UD Connect to automatically re-establish a connection? Or at the very least, an automated way to check if the connection still exists so we can add it as a step in our jobs to prevent the process chains from failing? Note: the RFC still test successful when the connection is lost.