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Sep 07, 2007 at 12:20 PM




would like to ask as below

1) say vendor account. when make payment to vendor, the payable amount will reduce. the same goes to vdr recon acc? say payable 10k. when payment made, 10k will net off from vendor acc. when posting, vendor recon acc will also reduce by 10k, right?

2) customer account also the same right? when received, cust acc will be net off and cust recon acc will also be reduced. right?

3) what about spl gl acc and alternate recon acc? say down payment, when invoice receive, the down payment amount in spl gl acc will be net off and post to real vendor acc. may i know at the same time the same downpayment amount in alternate recon acc also will be reduced?

4) why need alternate recon acc for spl gl acc? what is that for? real vendor/customer account with the corresponding recon acc in gl, this can be understood but what about this spl gl acc with alternate recon acc.