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Aug 26, 2017 at 06:55 PM

Functional location structuring and installtion of Equipment


Dear PM experts,

I'm having a quarry regarding Functional location structuring. For my client , below FL structure has been decided

here, Equipment are going to be installed at level 5.

But in few cases, FL exists till level 3 only and there's no level 4 and 5. hence in this case equipment are going to be installed at level 3 only.

Now ..I need advice that in such cases, should I install equipment at level 3 only OR for the sake of similarity in FL design , put some dummy data at level 4 and 5 e.g. AAAA and BBB (for all such FL, where level 4 and 5 are missing) and then install equipment at level 5 (this way I will be having flexibility to replace AAAA and BBB with actual system , if tomorrow a system and subsystem get extended at level 4 and 5 of such FLs).

Need expert advise , which one would be the best approach in these two cases and what would be the pros and cons of these two approaches?

Quick reply would be really appreciated ..

Thanks in advance..


fl.png (2.9 kB)