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Sep 07, 2007 at 10:27 AM

PDF form Error in layout !!!


Hi All,

I am develpoing form using SFP tcode. when i click on layout button , i am getting following Error. Any idea to remove this Error.

<b>Error while opening document



An error occurred in the desktop application while opening a document.


Check first whether you can insert a document from this desktop application as an embedded object in another application. The necessary menu item is usually 'Insert --> Object'. The application then lists all of the OLE document types. Choose the type corresponding to the desktop applciation. If the insertion fails, the error is in the desktop application itself.

This error has various causes. Often, it is caused by activating certain add-ins. Sometimes, the desktop application is wrongly installed. The error should not recur once you have disabled any add-ins or reinstalled the desktop application.

Procedure for System Administration

If you cannot solve the problem as described above, enter a problem message. There are notes relating to how to generate the log file using the program SAPROFFICEINTEGRATIONTRACE.</b>

thanks in advance.