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Aug 25, 2017 at 04:40 PM

System Status 'LKD in Workorder


I have a requirement to not to lock the order when Order is in CBLK status. should allow to plan on workorder even though order is in credit block but should nt allow any GR/Goods movements.

When order is in CBLK status, system status is 'LKD' which does nt allow changes to workorder to add more parts or create Purchase order.

I tried to change the config for user status 'CBLK' to allow business transactions 'Change and Material Purchase order' but still I cant make any changes to workorder because system status is in 'LKD'.

Is there any way I can handle this situation with config change? I am not sure if I can say not to set the System status to LKD when order is in CBLK status.