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Aug 25, 2017 at 04:08 PM

Getting Usage Decision Results In Table Format


Hi All! This might be a bit complex but will simplify best I can. I work in a fragrance production company and all raw materials and finished goods go through QC testing for approval. Several analytical tests are done such as Olfactive, specific gravity, Gas Chromatograph, Color etc. I can look individually at any given inspection lot in QA33, and see the physical sample tests and results. There is no way I can see, however, to export the results to any sort of data program. They are simply click and view, even on the individual level. But what my boss is asking me is to download a years worth of results of all samples to see if there's a correlation between one test failing and another test failing (for example, if odor failed, did the gas chromatograph results fail as well?). So is there any transaction that would yield results of inspection lots/usage decisions in a tabular format that I can then export to excel, or save as a file to import elsewhere etc? I hope some of you will understand what I'm looking for here, and I'm at wits end as to how exactly I'd do that or if it's possible at all with my level of access (I can't do any abap type scripting, just very basic transactional access).

Any help or insights that can help me solve this task would be greatly appreciated, even if the answer is "You can't do that in the bulk manner you'd require!". Thanks so much in advance for your help!!!