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Oct 11, 2016 at 01:53 PM

Web Service vs. Scenario vs Communication arrangement

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Hi All,

My goals is to send certain equipment info from C4C to ECC through HIC. This case/scenario seen to be not standard supported (correct me if I’m wrong) so on HCI I’m calling a web service with the same WSDL structure as the inbound service on C4C. however I’m facing some issues which I don’t know how to solve. Let start with my current set-up.

Web Service definition + Scenario + Arrangement

You can find below my web service definition based on WSDL and create scenario + arrangement based on Web service.

Web service consumption + response:

As you can see on my coding below, when I lunch my web service, I pass the update on Request object + pass also the name of the communication arrangement ( following example found on However when the request reaches HCI, the header message is empty. It seem that the system is ignoring the communication arrangement. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

When I hardcode the value of "Sender Party" and "Receiver Party", the request is correctly handle by HCI and the update is performed correctly on ECC. However I dont understand why I get the following error on the respons: "GENERAL_ERROR Error duing proxy processing (PART UNKNOWN (NULL) )". Any idea why?

Also can anyone explain why when consuming extenal web services, the Web Service Message Monitoring only show request which enconter an error but never a succefull request?

thanks in advance,

Kind regards,