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DIAPI (SAPbobsCOM90.dll) gives access violation exception


We to are having problems with DIAPI having access violations.

Unfortunately I find this issue a lot on the net, though no solations, or non that fit our problem.

Now I'm hoping somebody over here can point me in a general direction to get it resolved.

We have an application running under IIS so we have a webpage for our field technicians.

So every couple of hours or days (can't find what exactly hapens when the error appears) our IIS (W3WP) wil crash.
The crash logs in windows, and the dump information all say that SAPbobsCOM90.dll caused the access violation. And it being an access violation we can't catch it in our code.

We also asked support from an external visual studio developer to help us analyse the problem, and he to points to SAPbobsCOM90.dll causing the issue and can't help us any more as there are no symbols available for further debugging.

The application is running on a 64 bit system, with 64 bit app pool and 64 bit DIAPI and is compiled for 64 bit

It runs exactly as expected for several hours to several days.
We can test all functions and code without any errors. And than, all of a sudden, without any (known) cause the access violation will happen.

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