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Sep 06, 2007 at 05:28 PM



Hi all,

We are actually processing an internal table having 20000 records and 300 columns in the quality system. The values of the various memory parameters are:

ztta/max_memreq_MB 250

ztta/parameter_area 32000

ztta/roll_area 2000000

ztta/roll_extension 2000000000

ztta/roll_extension_dia 2000000000

ztta/roll_extension_nondia 2000000000

ztta/roll_first 1

ztta/short_area 3200000

em/blocksize_KB 1024

em/global_area_MB 128

em/initial_size_MB 2560

em/max_size_MB 20000

abap/heap_area_dia 2000000000

abap/heap_area_nondia 2000000000

abap/heap_area_total 2000000000

abap/heaplimit 40000000

We could run the same report in the development system both in foreground and background and the parameter settings in development and quality systems are same. But whenever we run the report in the quality system it goes into a short dump throwing the error "<b>storage_parameters_wrong_set</b>". When we analyse in ST02 we could see the report is consuming just one third of the extended memory and then goes to PRIV mode and consumes just 300MB of private memory. What could be the cause of error??? Please help me out.