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How to pass multiple values to query variable in design studio

Aug 25, 2017 at 08:42 AM


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I used setVariableValueExt() for multiple values but its not working.

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Hello Ali - I have changed your tag from ByDesign (which is a Cloud product) to Lumira Designer

Have you searched for this? Which version of the product are you using - 1.6 sp? 2.0?

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thanks for your contribution I'm using SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio (Release 1.6 SP5 Patch 2)

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I'm still unable to figure out this problem.


Hi Ali,

In order to try to assist further we will need more details, such as:

1) What type of data source you are using: BW Bex, HANA or Universe;

2) An example of the multi-value string you are trying to pass.




Hi Ali

Sometimes its tricky to figure out what format filter is reading when applied, such as semi-colon, comma separation for multiple values.

Try this

  • Take Text component (Text_1)
  • Take Dimension Filter and add DS_1 (Source) assign desired Dimension and Target Data source (DS_2).
  • Add script to Dimension Filter "TEXT_1.setText(DS_1.getFilterExt("ZXXX_LOB"));
  • Pass single value as filter for test, then pass multiple values and see the output on TEXT_1 how values are concatenating.
  • Similar way pass using SetVariableExt.

Note if you are trying to filter on dates it will be quite tricky as you may see output as "MM/DD/YYY" however when you want to retrieve passing setvariableExt, good possibility is it may be looking for different format "DDMMYYY.

*** below screenshot after semi-colon there is SPACE. Things to consider

Hope it helps



filter.png (81.5 kB)
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