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Sep 06, 2007 at 02:04 PM

Selections on attribute values in BPS



I have a issue regarding the selection on attributes values in BPS (data slices, functions).

If I make a restriction on an <i>existing attribute value</i> of an infooject in a data slice or std function (not FOX nor Exit), everything works as required. Even if this particular attribute value is not in the selection of my level (this seems logic, if the value is not in my selection... it is not selected).

The problem is when I make a restriction on an <i>attribute value that is not assigned yet to a char value</i>.

If I run my layout or function, then I receive the following error message :

<i>Selections for characteristic XXX cannot be determined

Message no. UPC_FW137


It was attempted to read the selections for characteristic XXX. But no values could be determined. This can have one of the following causes:

For characteristic XXX, the selection is defined by a hierarchy node, but no values were found for the selected nodes.

For characteristic XXX, the selection is defined by attribute selections, but no values were found for the attribute selections entered.


Change the selection for characteristic XXX so that values can be delivered.


... Well yes I understand it but the attribute will be updated in another process, so I am expecting that if this value doesn't exist yet, the data slice/function does nothing since it has nothing to select...

The current workaround (but I don't like it at all) is to create dummy values of my characteristic where I put the attribute value I am interested in. Then even if these dummy char values are not contained in my level selection, everything works fine.

Do you have any clue/idea in order to help me on this?

Thank you in advance,