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Sep 06, 2007 at 01:31 PM

How to display the color of time period and the legend in Calendar view?



Sorry to disturb you guys with a quite simple question.

I want to do a calendar view to display the period of absence for the portal user. I've setup the iView but it displays neither the color of time period nor the legend.

The problem is:

1) If I test with <i>static legend</i> (that is, I input the time period directly in the form instead of using data service),

a) I could only define <b>one</b> time period, because it's impossible to map the <i>out</i> port of calendar to <i>in</i> port of form on defining the event as 'goto'.

b) I can't see the color displayd while deploying although there is just one time period! Neither the legend. I' ve given the label and color of the legend and assigned the action as default in design board. Why it doesn't work?

2) If I test with <i>dynamic legend</i> following the chapter "<i>Display Date on a Calendar</i>" in the <i>Modeler's Guide</i> of VC;

I assigned @RECORDNR to 'ID legend field', and used BAPI_ABSENCE_GETLIST as dynamic legend data service to edit the legend, and assigned the color for every ID. But neither color nor legend could kindly appear. What's the problem? Is there any error in the edit of entry list of the legend?

Please help me! Thanks!!!