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Aug 24, 2017 at 03:07 PM




I'm trying to call RS_VARIANT_CONTENTS on each of the report/variant combos from VARID. I have found that there are some programs out there that have been saved with syntax errors which causes RS_VARIANT_CONTENTS to crash when it is run. Unfortunately, there are thousands of variants in the system, so this takes a while to run and get results for each of the selection field values. I have attempted to just remove the programs that I know cause errors from the table before calling RS_VARIANT_CONTENTS, but each time I run it, there seems to be another program that pops up. Also, we are hoping to have this run somewhat frequently, so I'm looking for a solution that can work to catch programs in the future that would cause RS_VARIANT_CONTENTS to fail.

I have tried RS_SYNTAX_CHECK, which caught some of them, but there are still others out there that RS_SYNTAX_CHECK doesn't catch and they result in a runtime error dump.

Anyone have ideas for this?