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Sep 06, 2007 at 10:53 AM

Problem in Data Loading



I have an issue while loading the data to a DSO.

We have made a client copy from our production system to one of our development client. And all the parameters in SM59 and the RFC connection and even the BD 87 is fine. Everything seems to be perfect in the system in R/3 and BW side.

When I start a load in SM37 (BW) after the job runs for 15 mins, it says job is finished and in R/3 the job run and runs and run and it never stops. And in RSMO in BW, it is in yellow status and never a error returns. The following is the status in BW

Request still running


No errors found. The current process has probably not finished yet.

System Response

The ALE inbox of BI is identical to the ALE outbox of the source system


the maximum wait time for this request has not yet been exceeded


the background job has not yet finished in the source system.

Current status

in the source system


The following is the job log in BW:

Job started

Step 001 started (program RSBATCH1, variant &0000000000606, user ID PRAVEEN)

Start InfoPackage ZPAK_471UB36XQVZ5901OZQUS8M527

InfoPackage ZPAK_471UB36XQVZ5901OZQUS8M527 created request REQU_471VV0D6S45JXKVPTZORQCXLR

Job finished


The following is the job log in R/3:

Job started

Step 001 started (program SBIE0001, variant &0000000000071, user ID ALEREMOTE)

Asynchronous transmission of info IDoc 2 in task 0001 (0 parallel tasks)



  • Current Values for Selected Profile Parameters *


  • abap/heap_area_nondia......... 2000000000 *

  • abap/heap_area_total.......... 2000000000 *

  • abap/heaplimit................ 40000000 *

  • zcsa/installed_languages...... DE *

  • zcsa/system_language.......... E *

  • ztta/max_memreq_MB............ 2047 *

  • ztta/roll_area................ 3000000 *

  • ztta/roll_extension........... 2000000000 *


Would definitely assign points for the solution.

This is of high priority to me...requesting you to please let me know how do I go about solving this issue...

Thanks & Regards.