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Sep 06, 2007 at 10:29 AM

merging two alvs


hi, i have a report(call z1) which uses alv to display certain data. there is a transaction(call t1) using z1. there is another transaction(call t2) which runs a report(call z2) again containing an alv to display some other data. the requirement is that t1 needs to be modified such that it will display some extra columns which need to be obtained from t2. so basically the alv of z1 will be enhanced with a subset of columns of the alv from z2. ofcourse a subset of columns of alv from z1 will form the key to select the corresponding rows of data of alv from z2. there will be a relationship, much like inner join or something on sql.

on what level do i need to work? is there an easy way to accomplish the task? any suggestions are appreciated, thanks.

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