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SAP comply with various governments' reporting and electronic communications requirements?

How does SAP support the ability to comply with various governments' legal requirements for example on reporting and electronic communications, data etc.?

And does it cost extra fees for customers?

We have experienced different answers from SAP around the world, in some countries SAP supports the above fully without requesting extra payments from customers but other SAP countries demands extra fees from customers to ensure the SAP systems are aligned with the governmental requirements.

This raise the following questions:

1. What is gained with SAP Enterprise Support other than new releases and bug fixes? Does the SAP Enterprise Support, cover the topic fully, partly or nothing related to the above?

2. Is SAP not obliged to support the governments requirements on this without extra fees for the customers?

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  • Hello Tanja,

    Since you added the EHS Tag: Is your question related to Sustainability / Chemical compliance (like REACH, RoHs, GHS, CLP etc.) as well?

    Kind Regards


  • Former Member Mark Pfister

    Hi Mark,

    Sorry for late reply I've been travelling.

    My question relates to the new governmental requirements for example in relation to archiving data no longer in need of use but due to the government requirements needs to be filed for a certain time, before final deletion.


    If we terminate a system that incl. data we are still obliged to save this data in the system unless we can store it somewhere else which is not the case here as it is not be used at all.
    So we asked SAP as the data is not being used just stored to meet governmental rules.

    We have got different answers from SAP depending on the SAP country responding:

    One answered: SAP fully supports (without payment requirements on support & maintenance etc.) the customers to use the system purely as a "closed" data storehouse as long as data is not being used just stored to meet the governmental requirements and thereafter deleted.

    Another answered: SAP demands that the customer pay support & maintenance etc. for the time of period that the system is being used even if purely as a "closed" data storehouse where data is not used just stored to meet governmental requirements.

    So we find us selves a bit surprised and confused.... is SAP not required to also meet the governmental requirements for storing data such above example. Or is it purely the customers pain to pay for the required time of period before deletion of data is allowed?

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