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Aug 24, 2017 at 03:28 AM

Transfer Data from one Field Symbol to another


I have a requirement where my internal table (T1) is dynamic with fields as the columns.

My internal table where the data resides has fields as rows and has following format.

Sort Sequence Characteristic Class

1 1 Ch1 CA

1 1 Ch2 CA

2 1 Ch1 CA

2 1 Ch2 CA

3 1 Ch1 CA

3 1 Ch3 CA

I am trying to populate above internal table (T1) from another table (T2) where fields are rows. I am looping around T2 and for the first loop count, one column for T1 gets populated. For second loop count, i am updating T1 from field symbol (this field symbol now has value for first two rows. This works fine until Sort 1 and 2. For Sort 3, since Characteristic Ch2 is not there but since we are using the same field symbol as work also populates value for Ch2 which is incorrect. How to fix this issue. If i clear work area field symbol, then the data that gets populated is not correct as well.

Let me know if i need to provide more details.

Thanks for your help.