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SAP to Share point Interface

Aug 23, 2017 at 08:41 PM


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Hello Experts ,

We are trying to establish an interface between SAP and Share point for the below updates to happen .

1. Updating sales order number from SAP to share point.

2. Auto removal of billing blocks in SAP sales order from share point .

From all the threads I saw , I understand that SAP PI could be used as a middle ware with SOAP calls . I would like to know ,. how this could be worked out using this framework and what BAPI's should I be using in SAP to achieve this . How to connect all these dots ( SAP, BAPI, PI, share point ) using SOAP.

Could somebody please help me here to understand how this can be achieved by breaking it down.



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2 Answers

Nic Teunckens Aug 24, 2017 at 06:51 PM

You could also look into some 'third party' solutions, that enable a BAPI / RFC-Interface between SAP and Sharepoint. Do a Google-Search and you will surely find solutions for this.

You could always develop your own solution, based on OData (from SAP Gateway) or the .Net Connector by SAP.

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Former Member Aug 24, 2017 at 07:45 AM

There are many different ways this could be implemented, starting with SharePoint, which depending on the version will offer you various APIs. The SOAP API is one of them but newer versions also support a REST API.

For the sales order number update requirement, if you want to use SOAP, research the "UpdateListItems" operation. You could invoke that operation directly from ECC in an output routine associated with your sales document or you could generate an IDoc to PI upon sales document save and have PI invoke the API using information from the IDoc.

For the billing block removal, you will need a custom Sharepoint development. To change the billing block or any other information in the sales order, take a look into BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE. You could invoke that BAPI directly from your Sharepoint using the .NET RFC SDK or you could expose it as a service either on ECC or PI and have SharePoint invoke that service.

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Thanks Patrick for throwing some light . Most probably we will end up using the SOAP .Could you please let me know if "UpdateList Items" operation is part of PI or share point. It would be helpful if you can elaborate how it works as I am hearing or doing it for the first time. Since the requirement is minor, I don't think we will go idoc way spending time and efforts .

For the auto billing block removal , what will be the custom share point development involved? . The scenario would be :

If the sales order has a certain billing block reasons, remove it automatically from share point ( reason being the sales order type will be used for many scenarios and we are removing the billing block only for service related orders based on few billing block reasons). What kind of changes the BAPI might call for ?

Your help is highly appreciated .



Former Member

UpdateListItem is an operation of the Sharepoint SOAP API. Search for Sharepoint SOAP API in Google and you will find plenty of resources.

The custom development is required because there is no standard Sharepoint feature to trigger the exact functionality that you need. You will need to implement a control that will take some user input and then execute a function / invoke a web service to trigger the billing block change.

Try Nic's suggestion, too. I haven't worked with 3rd party software for such requirement before but given the popularity of both SAP and MS Sharepoint, it only sounds logical that there would be tools out there to facilitate the integration.