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Can we append spatial data types to SAP standard tables?

Aug 23, 2017 at 02:18 PM


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Hi Gurus,

We want to append one field to AUFK, but the type of this field should be similar to ST_GEOMETRY. I see these data types are available at HANA DB level and can be accessed via HANA Studio, but these are not available in SE11 data types. Has some one tried something like this before? Any thoughts on the options we have? It does not seem possible as per the data types available in Se11, or via ABAP perspective of in HANA Studio.

Thanks in advance!

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2 Answers

Horst Keller
Aug 23, 2017 at 03:21 PM

Up to now, the ABAP Dictionary does not support built-in types that are mapped to spatial types of the DB. Also, there are no such types in the ABAP Language. One thing, that comes to my mind would be a RAW field, that is then handled respectively by the application.

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Andrew Sepahpour Aug 25, 2017 at 09:26 AM

Is it possible to use ABAP to call a HANA function to use the spatial data. Our scenarios are as follows:

scenario 1: A polygon is drawn to identify an area where an incident has occurred. This needs to be stored somewhere. When a customer calls we need to verify whether the customers property is within the polygon. The client has an existing solution that uses the GIS system to identify all the properties within the polygon using the GIS system and hold them in a table in SAP ECC. The query is then performed against the table. We would like to be more innovative an simply verify whether the location of customer property is inside the polygon.

Scenario 2: Every time a job is created its location is recorded (X,Y). When a new customer calls the system needs to identify all known jobs within a defined radius of the call customer. Again an innovative approach would be to identify all jobs that are less than or equal to a defined distance from the location of the calling customer.

GIS systems can do this, but I was hoping to use the spatial capability of Hana.

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Should be possible with AMDP.