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Skip records on multiple conditions at field level


Currently I have a datasource with fields start date, end date, employee, subtype, address, city.

DSO created has primary keys : start date, end date, employee, subtype and data fields : p-address, p-city, wl-address, wl-city.

My requirement is that if in source record, subtype = 1, it should populate all primary keys and p-address, p-city and ignore other records. if subtype = 5, it should populate all primary keys with wl-address, wl-city and skip rest records

I have tried using rule group but skip records is not working and no data is going forward.

How can we achieve skipping records based on multiple conditions. If possible without abap routines.

warm regards,


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2 Answers

  • Aug 25, 2017 at 04:02 PM

    Hi Aman,

    I recently tried to achieve the same but arrived to the conclusion that you can't fill a different set of fields in one transformation depending on the value of a field of a received record (even with different rule groups).

    I was giving some hope on field routines with a SKIP_VALUE exception but the issue was that the SKIP_VALUE (when applied to a characteristic) is equivalent to a SKIP_RECORD. Thus, skipping a value in a field routine makes the entire record to be skipped.

    So I ended with 2 transformations (in your case for each subtype).



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  • Sep 08, 2017 at 05:22 PM

    Hi Aman,

    Can you Please try this routine

    Data: wa_result_package like line of result_package.

    wa_result_package like line st_result_package.

    loop at result_package into wa_result_package

    if wa_result_package-subtype = '1'.

    wa_result_package-pcity = result_package-pcity

    wa_result_package-paddress = result_package-paddress

    wa_result_package-wladdress = ' '

    wa_result_package-wl_city = ' '


    wa_result_package-subtype = '5'.

    wa_result_package-pcity = ' '

    wa_result_package-paddress = ' '

    wa_result_package-wladdress = result_package-pcity

    wa_result_package-wl_city = result_package-paddress


    modify result_package from wa_result_package.


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