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PI 7.3 SFTP adapter does not contain the XML file from PI

Aug 23, 2017 at 10:24 AM


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Hi Experts,

How do you pass your XML file from PI to SFTP server host folder?

My partner provided the hostname,tcp port, username and password.

What should I do next? How to make sure my file gets into this SFTP?

Appreciate your comments.


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2 Answers

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Luis Amable Armijos Valarezo Sep 08, 2017 at 11:32 PM
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Patrick Weber Aug 23, 2017 at 11:39 AM

Hi Jeff,

Can you elaborate a bit more on what exactly you are struggling with? Configuring the SFTP receiver adapter is fairly straight forward. You may refer to this link and see if it helps.


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Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the quick reply and manual (it really helped).

Checked my SFTP config based on your manual and so far I think everything is in order.

Problem is I would like to pass the file from PI to SFTP folder (host).

I was able to create a couple of XML files manually in the target folder of my SFTP.

Need help on why I can't do it via PI?

What is the issue? Authorization? Our network? My Com Channel?



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Hi Experts,

Tried to monitor the Communication Channel via the PI monitoring tool:

It said all our com channels are up and running.

The other com channels were able to pick up the file from the SFTP server.

While my com channel has nothing? See the Cluster Node screenshot. It only has greenlight but no file transferred to the SFTP server.

Appreciate your expertise guys.


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Do you find your message in message monitoring? Is it being passed to the adapter?


I did not see the communication channel in the message monitoring.

Still the same error, can't see the files there.

By the way, have you experienced IDOC creation and after successfully creating it (status = 03) transferring it to an SFTP server?


Well, before your message can go to the communication channel, it needs to enter PI somehow, be routed and possibly translated and only then delivered to your receiver channel. My question was whether you can see the message at some stage of its lifecycle in the message monitor. Once you have identified your message, you should get an idea of its whereabouts from the logs.



Please see my error in sm58.

I suppose my connection between sap and PI now has a problem.

What do you think caused this error?

With regards the message monitoring you mentioned, how do i go about it? Is that the RWB path?


sm58-error.jpg (77.9 kB)

Message monitoring is one of the functions in the runtime workbench. You can use it to trace your message through the PI pipeline. If you're on a dual stack system, you could also use T-Code IDX5 to check the status of your incoming IDocs from ECC or SXMB_MONI to trace the pipeline processing in the integration engine.

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the particular error shown in your screenshot. Maybe try to refresh the cache and explicitly import the metadata of your IDoc (IDX2)?